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10 Ways to Get Attention on Twitter

With the growing number of Twitter users, how are you supposed to keep your profile and tweets noticed and read? Twitter might be a very helpful platform for marketing but it sure is very challenging. Here are 10 tips from Dan Shure for SEOmoz that you can use to constantly get the attention of the people who are in the realm of this social media platform.

1. Set up a good profile

Create a professional profile that has personality. Get a username that is clear. As much as you can, stay away from underscores, digits, and other weird characters. It should be something that people will instantly recognize as yours. Also, upload a nice photo.

2. Contrast on what’s currently happening

For example, if the people around you posting long tweets, be in contrast with everyone else by doing a lot of short tweets. Instantly, this will make you appear a little more different from the others. You can also go into double tweeting where you first tweet something that will get their attention and then actually do the action on the second tweet.

3. Indirectly mention of an influencer

If you are attempting to get the attention of an influencer, try to go into soft selling so you do not scare them away. Try to tweet about an article or post and originally talk about it in your tweet. This is a way to get their attention.

4. Ask for help

You might already be helping others to get attention but try to ask the help of others. Post your question and ask people to retweet you. They will retweet you because it shows that you are willing to learn and would want to get better at what you are doing.

5. Help others

If This Then That ( sends alerts for certain keywords or people. This means that when tweets happen about these keywords or people, you will get an email or text message. So when someone asks about a certain something and you get an alert for it, you can immediately help that person out.

6. Listen

Get out of Twitter once in a while and actually do something before you go back and deliver. For instance, if someone suggests that someone come up with a post about something, go out and do it. Write that post immediately and tweet about it.

7. Be consistent

This is a traditional way of branding, pretty much like using the same logo just so people will immediately recognize you and your brand. Do things slowly but consistently like responding to questions or asking questions until they notice you.

8. Participate in chats and forums

This is a great way to get attention outside of Twitter. There are so many platforms where you can interact with other people in the internet. Simply join into any of them and get people to notice you and make sure that you use hashtags.

9. Get noticed in live events

When you are in conventions, using hashtags will also be a great way to get attention. Simply use the hashtag for the event and tweet your expertise or any service that you can offer. This is a strategic way to get attention at events.

10. Get retweeted by followers following influencers

Try to make your tweets stand out and get retweeted by influencers. This way, once they retweet your content, the other influencers that are followed by the person who retweeted your content will take notice.


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