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What’s Next for Guest Blogging?

It might seem that guest blogging is a dying act but it really is not. Linkbuilding is not dead anyway so this is still a good a strategy as any. It would rather be unlikely that Google will penalize guest posts. However, it just has to be legitimate and is not poorly-written and posted in spammy websites. It might be safe to say that the lower the quality is, the higher is its risk of getting penalized.

Communicate and Fix Misconceptions

There are clients and managers that seem to think that you can vanish into the horizon and then immediately return with all the links to increase your rank. But this is not the way CEO works anymore. While you can blame the other person who came up with the wrong ideas, the person who really is at fault because of mistaken expectations is you.

While we very much know SEO and the value of good content, perhaps we should work on these misconceptions ourselves. Many turn to guest blogging to solve their problems, mostly without the support or interaction. However, failure to communicate is not enough reason to suffer from diminishing returns.

Make Content a Requirement

Publishing and waiting is not enough, you have to also work on your website. While you can sell and provide the products or services that you are offering, you also have to make sure that you have placed attention on the appearance, furnishing, and customer service of your business, just like a brick and mortar store. Otherwise, it will appear like you are offering your products and services from a warehouse.

You need to make your customers comfortable with your website. Create a compelling design with good navigation and good content. Your users must have a great experience of browsing your site and making purchases so that they can come back and even tell others about it. For increased visibility, get your site in order and make it look as presentable as you possibly can.

Look into All the Channels

Get into the process of white-hat linkbuilding. In the perspective of the users and bloggers, it starts from awareness, then interest, and then sharing. Once sharing allows for more awareness, the cycle continues.

Paid advertising might seemingly be viewed as “renting attention” but until you are able to acquire free attention, it would probably best that you stick to paying for it first. Try to bid on keywords with low competition and build great content around it. Run PR campaigns and do some guest posting to raise awareness on your content.

Guest posting is actually of importance here because of its current prevalence and average quality, where many people are losing its strategy and goals. With this, there is a big risk that the next generation of SEO bloggers will be trick bloggers and spammers.

Betting on difficult links sure is a scary challenge as it can be hard to tell if your content is good enough for it. Connecting the dots that link tactics and strategy can be very exhausting but it should be something that you need to practice and perfect as soon as you can.

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