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How Can I Get More Comments on My Articles?

If you have been studying about writing good content, you must have come upon posts saying that they should have compelling titles, quality content, and calls to action, to name a few. But of course, this is something that content creators must already know by now.

The Importance of Comments

It is not hard to see the importance of user-generated content. Aside from adding a unique and topic-related content on your website, its comments have a deeper contribution to your site. it is not exactly proven that the number of comments is proportional to its rankings, but it is clear that have fresh and relevant content can enhance user engagement and facilitate community building.

You can go in-depth with your keyword research but it would rather be impossible to naturally incorporate these key phrases into your landing page. This is where user-generated comments come into play. They alternate queries will somehow be iterated into your page without effort.

Generating Comments Actionables

All those overlapping tips on how to get more comments on your page are probably very old and you are out looking for something that is fresh and unique. Here are some ways that have been rounded up from a number of fan community pages and shared with the SEOmoz community.

1. Make leaving a comment easy

You might want to leave out those required fields and captcha images. These processes will only frustrate your customers into leaving a comment. At then end of the day, it is only the username, email, and comment that you are concerned of anyway.

2. Placement of comment

Most comment fields are placed way below the page, typically after your bio and the widgets and advertisements. These are actually very important but at least give your comments a more prominent position page.

3. Social logins

If you would want our users to register before commenting, ask them to login using their social media accounts. This will give your users an automatic social identity and avatar.

4. Profiles, rankings, and awards

These are the best ways to keep your contributors coming back for more. Attaching fun titles to you users will please your current commenters. This will also give other commenters a gauge of a certain commenter’s standing in the community.

5. Join in the conversation

You should know that this is important. You also took the time to write the article so you might as well respond to the comments of your readers. Keep things rolling by asking your own questions to your commenters.

6. Email notification upon reply

Now that you have the email address of a commenter, the least that you can do is to let them know that you have read and replied on their comment. You can also notify a user when someone has replied to their comment or you can notify everyone who have participated in the conversation that a new comment was added.

These are just a few more things that you can add to your to-do list on generating more comments on your article. Try some of them and see how they pan out for you.

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