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A Closer Look at Infographics on Facebook

Targeting with Facebook, LinkedIn, and YouTube is very important to organic social. The use of social ad creation tools is pretty much the same as using AdWords keywords research tool for SEO. If you are an internet marketer then, it is important that you properly create your ads. This is effectively done by brainstorming on the concept of a “whole” user through Psychographics.

Psychographics on Infographics

Psychographics is a way of identifying the users through their occupations, interests, predilections, life roles, and many other personal characteristics. This is just like doing persona modeling and demographic research. The difference is that this is on a whole new level and that it is done through social media platforms.

Probably the most popular platform for psychographics today is Facebook. Compared to the other sites, it has the best data for a complete social graph. This is why the key takeaways below for an infographic are geared for Facebook. You can name a number of interests but there are still so many permutations stemming from each of these interests to fill up the buckets of these main interests. Also, these can easily be mapped to LinkedIn and YouTube. Take a look at them below, shared in SEOmoz.

Key Takeaways for Infographics

  • Radical shift. This top of the funnel shift allows users to be sliced and then targeted in various ways in numerous social channels.
  • Gleaned social intent. Just like search, this can often be utilized in so many ways.
  • The information on the table is made available publicly. Through Facebook, YouTube, and Linked In, marketers can have leverage of tools that will assess their segments’ inventory. These tools include ads creators and native keyword tools, to name a few).
  • Keyword research (with the use of the AdWords tool) is to SEO while social PPC research is to community management. SEO should not be done without a thorough keyword search, particularly the AdWords keyword tool of Google. The same goes for community management. This would not be successful without looking into associated paid inventory.
  • The artist working on the psychographic research will add value to raw data with curation. This means that you are able to add value on raw data if you are able to target all of the molecular biologists in America working for companies. As a marketer, you can then target these users for organic social interaction and social PPC ads.
  • Use correct tagging so that marketers are able to capture social information and then associate it with the profiles of users. Busting your privacy is as easy as clicking on tagged ads and converting. The data will be grabbed and then be associated with your profile.

These are just a few of the takeaways that marketers can get with using infographics, specifically with psychographics. Truly, social media is growing and is fast becoming a part of the lives of many people, so much so that even businesses have come to have great use of it as well.

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