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A Closer Look at the Top Five Top-View Metrics

There are a number of ways to look into ranking data from a high altitude. Some of the most popular include EMD influence and Domain University. SEOmoz recently rolled out five top-view metrics, which are updated everyday on MozCast. Note that the defaults of these metrics are on the 30-day views, but you can also look into their 60- and 90-day data.

1. Domain University
This will show the percentage of URLs in the MozCast data set with unique subdomains. Simply put, it shows how many unique subdomains divided by the total number of rankings or URLs. The more diversity there is, the less crowding will there be on the SERP. Some small changes were noted but there was no evidence of major improvements.

2. SERP Count
This metrics was able to impact 18% of the tracked queries. However, it needs to deal with 10 results. Otherwise, the graph will be a little confusing and the metric will not change even when the result count changes. Despite this, it has a big drop of 0.5 results and its graph was able to show it quite well.

3. EMD Influence
EMD Influence or Exact-Match Domain Influence it a rather hot SEO topic. The metric used showed a percentage of the top 10 rankings that were occupied by EMDs at the moment. There are a number of ways to further explore the data, although there is a little uptick on this metric in the past couple of months.

4. PMD Influence
PMD Influence or Partial-Match Influence will measure the influence of the Top 10 Partial-Match Domains. This metric will not include the EMDs. In connection to the report o broader history, the influence of PMDs is also declining. However, this does not mean that there are some PMDs that will not rank. It only means that it is trend is going downward, overall.

5. Daily Big 10
This shows the percentage of the Top 10 Rankings by ten of the strongest subdomains in any day, recalculated during the mornings. This list will change on a daily basis, with each day’s data representing the influence of these 10 rankings. Below are the top 10 subdomains from 9/18.


Currently, there are 6,500 URLs in the data set which represent an estimated 5,300 unique subdomains. It is amazing to know that ten of them can own almost 14% of these. Wikipedia holds 4.6% of the top 10 tracked URLs. There is also some movement nearing of a couple of domains that are near the bottom.

Aside from Domain University, SERP Count, EMD Influence, PMD Influence, and Daily Big 10; there are still so many ways that data can be sliced that SEOmoz is able to gather and give ideas on. There are also many other specific and large-scale metrics today. It is only a matter of choosing the one that works best for you.


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