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Predicting the Keyword Volume before AdWords

SEO marketers try to always be among the first to know of trending keywords. The problem is that this can be a very difficult task. For one, keywords can move quickly. Second is that the search engines themselves act to frequently change things up from time to time. It is good news that you can predict the volume of a keyword even before AdWords does with the use of a number of resources. This is a rather advanced technique, though, so make sure that you are already well aware of the basics.

Advantages of Using Trending Keyword Volume

This technique can be very helpful for two very big reasons. The first is that the trending keyword volume is the ones that revolve around the most current and interesting events that people will find exciting. This is especially very helpful when you are into content marketing since you can have can first-hand information on the latest.

The second reason is that your competitors still do not know about this. In a world where everyone is writing about the same things, there is a fair chance that these topics will only be touched on briefly. But with trending keyword volume, you can focus your writing and go in-depth on those topics that your market is more interested in.

The Process of Predicting Keyword Volume

1. Be on the top of things.

Make sure that you know the things that are currently happening in your industry. If you are in current events, head on to Google News. For technology, use Techmeme. Question and Answer sites like Quora or Formspring will also be of big help to the technology field. For any other specific blogging fields, you can use Alltop. You can also go to Facebook or Twitter and see what everyone is currently talking about.

2. Make a decision and write the content.

Decide if you are going to fat head or long tail. After doing so, you can start writing your content. Make sure that it is relevant, both to the audience and the topic. You need to grab a hold of the audience and make them care about your brand. This way, they would come back and take action. So, you have to make sure that your content is attractive to the topic and to the audience.

3. Publish and promote your written content.

Turn this into a repeatable process that you will have to do in order to get traffic. From time to time, analyze the areas where it showed success and failures. Whatever you find, use them again or correct them to make them more attractive to your audience. This way, you can do this over and over again and get a good amount of traffic all the time.

Using this in your processes of content marketing can lead to you taking over the search results before all the others realize that this term is popularly searched. This will be a great way to be successful in keyword targeting and in content marketing.

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