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3 SEO Challenges and How You Can Overcome Them

If you have been blogging for some time now, you might have found yourself encountering SEO problems at some point. And although there are those that you can quickly solve and dismiss, a few might pose a big problem as a small mistake can jeopardize their blog. Here are three of them along with their respective solutions, as shared in SEOmoz.

Challenge #1: Categorizing Your Blog

With all issues on menu structure, content categorization, and site architecture; this can be an elusive task, even when your blog is relatively simple. There are just so many ways that you can bucket information, depending on a certain point of view. Here is a simple way to work with your menu:

  1. In order of priority, list the different types of people that you are trying to attract with your blog.
  2. Break this list into the simplest elements possible and you will then come up with the basic map in which you will play the informational space with.
  3. Using steps #1 and #2, come up with variations of this question: “Who is looking for what and why?”
  4. Structure your menu for the people, arranging it in a way that will require the least possible thinking.

Challenge #2: Ranking for Misspellings

There are people that improperly search for a certain keyword so you might ask yourself if you should you rank for misspellings. The problem is that those people who actually know the correct spelling of the term might think that you are being disrespectful or just incorrect, which can greatly hurt the reputation of you and your blog.

It can be a little hard to determine the face value of targeting a misspelling but you can look into its search volume and SERPs. If it has a good search volume and different SERPs with the correct term, you might consider doing so. Still, this will depend on your topic. Otherwise, you can just explain in your site that will explain the term’s correct spelling.

Challenge #3: Continuously Coming Up with Ideas

Running a successful blog requires that you constantly have to come up with daily (or regular) content. The problem is that continuously thinking of fresh new ideas can be a very big challenge especially that you have to make sure that these should be topics that people will care about. It is a good thing that there are a good number of tools that you can help you with this. Examples include Ubersuggest, Google Insights, Soovle, and Webmaster Tools Data. Of course, you can also use your brain and come up of your own topics through creative thinking.

Get creative with Ubersuggest and Soovle by using the formula: “[questions word] + keyword.” These questions words include “can”, “does”, “would”, and “will”, among many others. This technique can help you come up with many ideas and even more keywords to target within your niche.

As you go on with blogging, you are bound to encounter many more challenges along the way. Make sure that you have the necessary information and handy tools to help you solve and overcome them.

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