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The 8 Ingredients of a Successful Blog

Creating a blog is very easy, especially with all the resources available today. But it is with creating a successful blog where things can get a little complicated. However, it does not require someone to be an experienced blogger to get impressive metrics. Yes, experience can help but the way to running a successful blog is by having the essential ingredients. Get to know what these are, as shared in SEOmoz

1. Have a theme or purpose

First of all, you need to come up with one concrete topic for your blog. You can write about a variety of things but make sure that it has one unifying topic. This will anchor you blog’s meaning and purpose into something that is tangible.

2. Use random affinities

Using random affinities can make your blog highly successful. Writing about your topic combined with discreet advertising messages and many other related sources can lead to numerous shares and links. By tying together with other sources, you can tap a wider market and acquire a larger audience.

3. Create content for media

Come up with something that you think will help reporters with their research. When you do so, reporters can merely use your article to explain a certain issue and then point it out to their audience. Look for news articles that are in your niche and study the resources that they link to. Based on your study and analysis, create your own content.

4. Be consistent with your posts

You might not be able to do it everyday but make sure that you stay consistent with posting content. This might be a challenge but you can use scheduling resources to make this easier for you, just like in WordPress. Choose a realistic publishing schedule that will fit your schedule and your audience.

5. Use social media

For many blogs (if not for all), it is social media that is driving the valleys and peaks of traffic. This can be very overwhelming for new bloggers so it is recommended that you use one or two platforms at first. Once you start engaging, you can use the other ones.

6. Use intimate and personal images

Many bloggers do not use images well while some even do not use them at all, mostly because it takes a little more effort. However, pictures can make a very big difference with audience interaction. So when publishing posts, make sure that you add in engaging pictures with it.

7. Add in videos

Along with photos, posting videos can also do your blog good. You always have to be ready to capture things. This is especially important if your blog is about events. You just have to make sure that your videos are of good quality.

8. Being the offline online

Post about things that will make a difference and make your audience connect with you and your post. Do not just write about topic and post mere facts; bring your audience in it and add in photos, videos, and other actual information.

Of course, there are still so many things that you can use on your blog to up its success. These are merely the first things that you should start working on. By applying these in your personal blog, you can potentially grow it and achieve more success.

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