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8 Ways to Get More Feedback from Your Customers

Customer feedback is no doubt one great way to grow and expand your business. It is well known fact that getting numerous feedbacks from your customers can be a hard feat. However, once you learn the ropes and effectively apply it to your venture; the results will be very beneficial for you and your business. Here are eight ideas to do so, as shared in SEOmoz’s Whiteboard Friday.

  1. Customer service team. Also known as help team, these people should always know what the customers are saying and feeling. All of these pieces of information will then be gathered and analyzed to make the necessary improvements to better serve them. And since this will be the front line with the customers, it should provide them the loveliest experience possible.
  2. Surveys. There are so many reasons to give customers surveys but most marketers think that surveying is only done for a limited, like only on a product that they first released. Regularly asking them what they want to see on your pages will greatly help you improve your site to better serve your customers.
  3. Reviews. Big and small business can greatly make sue of customer reviews. There are so many ways today that companies can be reviewed. This can be done in LinkedIn where people recommend businesses. This can also be done in Facebook and other similar social media platforms.
  4. In person. Companies can do this in events. Actually talking about the business and asking people what they think or want from it is a great way to get so much data for improvement. Calling people up might seem old fashioned but this can be a very authentic way to obtain feedback from people straight from their mouth.
  5. Blog posts. Posting up content that asks for the feedback of the readers is another great way to get tons of comments as well as suggestions from customers that really have a voice. A blog post interaction will make them a part of the story, something that they can take part in. Anyone in the team can put up the post.
  6. Feature request forms.  This is a form where customers can write things that they want from you. Regularly checking this from time to time can give insight not only on things that they want; this can also be a great way to know how they see you site and your company. This can tell you what you should build and invest on next.
  7. Cancellation survey. From time to time, there will be people dropping out from your email or newsletter list and are then just left ignored. However, many do not realize that simply asking them why they want to cancel can be a goldmine of information on what you can do to improve. Give them space to write why in their own words, rather then merely giving default options.
  8. Social platforms. This can be done on Facebook and Twitter. Simply asking your customers what their favorite product from your company is can already say so much on what your company strengths and weaknesses are.

These are just some of the things that you can do or impose on your company to get more comments from your customers. You can them use these comments to make better your service which, in time, should help improve your company.


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