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The Content that Gets the Most Links

Just what kind of content gets the most links? For any online marketer, the answer to this question could spell the difference between failure and success. SEOmoz looked at 500 random posts and pulled the metrics on them. The following were pulled from these websites:

  • Amount of linking root domains (LDR)
  • Amount of thumbs up
  • Amount of comments
  • Media used in the post (images, videos, presentations, lists)
  • Author
  • Word count
  • Category

This article will not actually tell which of these 500 random posts ranked better, or if they are good posts or not. Only information is merely presented so you can decide what you want to do with them on your own.

So, let’s get started.

  • Posts with images. Posts that come with images have long been known to get more links than those that do not and this still holds true up until now, as proven by the data gathered.
  • Comments by category. Many have come to believe that the number of comments a post has is directly related to its number of links. So should more comments be encouraged in order to have a better chance of getting links? The data shows that there are some amounts of correlation, although this will not be enough to justify that getting numerous comments equates to getting links. There are still so many other ways that are stronger than linkbuilding.
  • Amount of content. Long content have also been correlated with numerous posts. It is believed that those long reads or longer pieces of journalism and writing attract more links that the shorter ones. And according to the data, it does show a rather strong correlation, giving a very solid validation in creating longer content.
  • Linking out. It might confuse correlation with causation but linking out has long been thought to linking root domains. The data showed that there seems to be a slight relationship between the links that go externally and those that go internally. But, then again, correlation is not equal to causation so linking out does necessarily translates to getting more links.

Tag clouds will not be of much help to your onsite SEO – in fact, they might even get you in trouble with Google Penguin – but they can help you find common themes. These are the common themes used in the blog headlines of SEOmoz: whiteboard, building, Google, whiteboard, link, and marketing.

Many marketers strive to add all the three types of media (images, lists, and video) into their posts, believing that it will boost their links. However, recently run data has showed that those posts with only images got more links than those with all the three media types. Still, the links will still be influenced on the quality of the posts, and not just because it is flooded with images.

And this is it. Hopefully, this has proved to be very educational and enlightening for you. Now, go on and do what you have to do to get more links!

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