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5-Step Guide to Content Planning

Internet marketing is constantly changing. This means that one strategy that worked months back might not give the same results today. These days, the trend is turning once again to content. The Penguin update, though, has forced marketers to look into their content to come up with new ways to make it more reputable and visible to their audience. Google is not promoting great content so it is important that, as a marketer, you have to pull together an effective content strategy for your brand.

Take advantage of the recent changes in content marketing in order to maximize your reach as well as the impact that you wish to impose on your audience. Here is a guide that SEOmoz has shared to us.

But before anything else, you have to come up with a plan first. Without it, it would be next to impossible for you to accomplish anything. Your plan is like a roadmap that will tell you when, what and how you will execute your strategies to yield the best possible results.

1. Understand your brand

Many business unknowingly – or even deliberately – skip this part and not even having the slightest idea on what their brand stands for, the tone of their voice, and their social and political allegations are, to name a few. To do this, map out the strengths and weaknesses of your competitors then align these with your brand to come up with a content strategy perspective.

2. Understand your audience

In order to effectively do this, you will have to see your reader as two-fold. The first part is the typical reader. Break this down into personas, each with their own unique characteristics. The second part is to have your editorial proposition where you can then sum up your editorial personal in the form of a known person.

3. Brainstorm ideas

The ideas that you will come up in this step will become the lifeblood of your content strategy. When you do not have creativity, your content marketing campaign will basically be dead. Let your imagination run wild and get a team to help you come up with content concepts and get them down on paper no matter how crazy they might seem.

4. Segment content types and flow

From your list of ideas, begin organizing them into content types, thinking up of the best ways on how you can present these concepts to allow maximum reach. Use the Content Matrix to help you out with this process, helping you understand each of your content idea’s strengths and weaknesses while also providing you with a starting list of ideas.

5. Create your content plan

What is important in this process is that you get the correct flow. Structure or plan your editorial calendar with the use of key elements. Create the planner as you desire, ensuring that it captures all the necessary elements. Capture the key dates and make sure that there is a good flow from one piece of content to the next.

These are clearly just the basics on content planning. Once you have gone through these steps, it is now time to execute them.

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