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5 Ways to Market through Facebook

Years ago, you might have thought that marketing with Facebook is not as effective as some people thought it was. These days, however, more and more marketers are already spending their time and money in this platform for effective advertising. In fact, recent surveys have showed that 75% of marketers have found Facebook important to their businesses. Here are 5 pages that you might want to explore if you wish to drive traffic and sales with this social networking site as shared in SEOmoz.

1. Facebook Advertising Page

There are many business owners who would want to utilize Facebook ads in their marketing tactics, only that they do not have adequate resources to help set up one and smoothly run it. It is good news that Facebook is already giving a hand to marketers. This page will show you how things work. They will even feature success stories and answer relevant questions. You will also find contact information to ask questions.

2. Facebook Business Page

Among all of Facebook’s marketing resources, this just might be the one that is least known. This page will teach you how you can make the most of Facebook as a social networking, rather than spend your time and money to create an ad in it. It will provide you with all the basics such as page building and proper etiquette as well as tips on engaging your audience and influencing friends.

3. Facebook Marketing Page

It is not surprising that you might not be aware of this but Facebook does run a page that will help business owners market their business efficiently. It is even more surprising that this page has more than 2 million likes. In this page, you will find webinars for marketers, answered marketing questions on their wall, and valuable statistics that will prove just how useful this site can be in marketing.

4. Facebook Studio

This has been dubbed as the favorite among all the resources that Facebook has created for marketers. In this resource, you will find numerous creative campaigns on Facebook, agency directories for marketing campaigns, award-winning campaigns, and so much more things that will guide you marketing in this site.

5. Facebook Studio Edge

This is the newest addition in the resources that Facebook has come up for in-house marketers. This is an online course that will walk the user through important pieces of knowledge in the research, measurement and tools associated with Facebook marketing. Interested marketers can request beta entry and get started right now.

These features that Facebook has come up with are surely very impressive. As we are all investing our time and budget in this social networking site, these resources will all come in handy to help you stay in the right direction. One great thing about investing in Facebook is that this is a place where so many other people are doing what you are doing, making you a part of a community where you can help one another to reach success.

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