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Effectively Marketing Your Business on Twitter

Twitter can work for you or against you. That’s just about it. So, if you plan on using Twitter to market your business, you have to know how to use the site so that it will bring great results for your business. Besides, even when you have this place the make other people know you there is no guarantee that they will.

What are the things that you must do to get noticed on Twitter?

• Tweet carefully chosen events in your life

This should be easy to understand but many people just do not get it. When you are too open about your life on Twitter, the others who are on the site will just lump you together with the others who use Twitter 24/7. Thus, to stand out from the crowd of Twitter users who post inane things about their lives, why don’t you do the different thing and keep yourself from tweeting even about the time you had to go to the washroom? This will definitely set you apart from the rest. Plus, the moment you tweet something relevant about your business, your followers will take notice instantly.

• Tweet help links to articles or news related to your business

Yes, Twitter users are people who feel, love and laugh. As such, when you give them information about something that they might find useful they will really thank you for it. Of course, you should not stop there. Be sure to tweet links about your products as anyone you manage to get hyped up about your previous posts will surely click on that link. In short, when you offer interesting ideas or news, your followers will trust you enough to check out what you have to offer.

On the other hand, what are the things that you must never do on Twitter?

• Avoid profanity

Yup, profanity should not be part of your marketing. Think about it. Twitter posts are actually quite short. Do you think your followers will appreciate you or your product more if you include an expletive in all of your posts? Besides, cursing won’t cement your image as a reputable businessman in the minds of your followers. In fact, you will succeed in doing the exact opposite.

• Don’t advertise the image of your product as your profile picture

This is also something you should not do. Twitter users want to see people to connect with. How can they connect with a product? Plus, when you do post a picture of your product as your profile picture, it would be pretty obvious that you are out to sell something. That will definitely send your followers running for cover from your marketing ploys and sales pitches.

To cut a long story short, when you want to market a product or a service on Twitter, be sure not to be crass in your marketing. You will not succeed. On the other hand, you can try being your natural self and behave as any other person who is not out to sell something. Chances are you will make more sales that way.

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