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8 Ways to Keep Your Community Happy

One of the biggest elements of a business is their community. But a nurturing and growing community is not only good for the business; it also is good for the members. The more people you can recruit to your community, the more people will learn and share your knowledge, leading to a richer and knowledgeable community. In line with this, it is important that you keep them happy. This way, you have a higher chance of keeping them and making them your lifelong fans and customers. Here are some ways to do so, as shared in SEOmoz.

  1. Give them points. It can be anything from brownie points to starts to actual money. This will let them know that whatever they are doing in your community is good. This can be a very great motivation for them to do more and do better.
  2. Thank them. Give time to thank your members for something that they did. Thank them for their comment, feedback and all the others things that took them time and effort to do for your website or blog site. This can make a big difference to them.
  3. Be human. Being human pertains to posting messages in your website, like giving the messages in your posts or tweets. Let your community know that there is a human behind your business, not like they are interacting with a big single organization or team.
  4. Show some personality. This is actually connected to being human. Show your uniqueness makes it all the more engaging. By combining this with being human, you can actually get attention from it, and possibly be linked, possibly without even you knowing it.
  5. Make it easy. People can easily get frustrated when they head on to a website and not know what to do in it. All those complicated ways in leaving a comment, signing up for an account, sharing content, whatever it is, can be a big turn off to a potential customer.
  6. Take it to online. Whatever issue you are dealing with, or if you have any problems. Take it to email or to any sort of platform that will allow you to reach out to others. Thousands of people are online and help you with whatever it is.
  7. Take on offline. Everything does not have to happen online. You can do so many things offline that will keep your community happy. Send them something that you know they like such as food or other freebies. Check out their profile, know what they want, and send it to them.
  8. Make it personal. In the end, keep in mind that your community is human beings. Make things personal by caring about what they are saying or asking, even with their feelings. Treat them with respect like any human being and they are bound to treat you the same way.

These are just some of the most important things that you can do to make your community happy. In the long run, this can grow and nurture them for your and their own good.

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