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The 5 Ultimate SEO Strategies and Insights

Paid search data is not supposed to be a problem when you are working on SEO. However, it still pays to know the paid search side so you can better understand organic search. This will also let you know what you should anticipate and be more effective in optimization. Here are five strategies and insights to keep in mind, as shared in SEOmoz.

Global Average Cost per Click

At some point, a client or employer is bound to ask what the value of an SEO work is. And although this is very much a legitimate question, this is actually something that you will find hard to answer precisely. Get a hold of the top industries in Google so you can tell them just how much it would cost to buy organic clicks. Keep in mind, though that the cost of clicks solely says the value of SEO; this is just an added way to quantify your SEO work’s value in a concrete way.

Local and Mobile Search

The recent earnings of Google was just released and it has shown disappointing results – their stocks came down 10% in just a single day, particularly in mobile. This was blamed on the fact that because mobile users are always on the go, they mostly have no time to click on an ad. However, you can still make use of mobile searches that have a location-based intent as one out of three focuses on finding local businesses.

Paid Clicks and Impressions

Google’s CPCs might have fallen but its total advertising revenues are still up. They have managed to do this by growing impressions and clicks. And where are these clicks coming from? The most common ones include more ads in SERPS (found at the top, bottom, and side), new advertising products (more commercial products and verticalized search formats) and natural query growth (monthly growth of query volume). All of these makes it harder to ignore searches that are paid.

Average Paid Search CPCs

The average CPC of Google has dropped to about 15%. In this case, it is important for marketers to diversify their channels in any kind of marketing plan, pretty much like not placing all their eggs in a single basket. Whether they are doing paid search or not. For those who are not, they can use AdWords Data for effective SEO Keyword Research. It is really worth giving a try – it is cheaper and faster than most of the strategies available today.

Google Display Effort

Conversion rates are very effective with the Google Display Network. You might even find that there are some industries that the Google Network Display had higher conversion rates compared to those in Google Search. With this, it only makes sense to combine SEO and remarketing. This will allow you to market those visitors and follow them across the internet in any website until the click on yours and convert it to a sale.

How do you effectively do all these? Start with those industries that are spending the most amount of money in search. The top five are finance, travel, shopping, jobs and education and internet and telecom. You should have less effort convincing them the value of something that they are already spending so much on.

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