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What Can You Really Get from Guest Blogging?

Guest blogging is the subject of discussions in the internet marketing sphere these days – and people are having either one of the two main views of this strategy. There are those who see as a powerful tactic while there are those who say that it is a misunderstood and misused strategy. But, really, both sides of the story have their own points. While it is true that it can help you build strong and quality relationships; many do not see its real worth. When it is properly executed, guest blogging can bring in a number of advantages for you and your business. Let’s go through some of them, as shared in SEOmoz.

Build relationships

Merely submitting one guest post is not enough. If your goal is to build a relationship, you need to interact with your audience (which you can do by replying to the comments of your readers) and follow up with the editor or blog owner to know how your post did. This goes to show that you are not merely a link builder. Rather, you are someone who actually cares about the community.

Become an expert

Through guest blogging, you can prove to others and gain status that you are an expert in your niche or industry. For as long as you make and post content that are well-researched and in-depth in authoritative blogs, you have a very high chance at communicating and interacting with people. A little way down the road, you will be viewed as an authority by your target audience.

Discover business opportunities

With the proper implementation, you can very well surface some new business opportunities, like getting promoted to a main blog. When you are attracting business with guest blogging, focus first on the quality of your offering in a way that it accurately showcases your expertise in your field. In other words, produce the best post that you can possibly produce and submit to a high quality blog.

Capture a wider audience

Generally, it is common knowledge that the more targeted traffic your website gets, the greater is its chances of having a high conversion rate. A way to capture a wider audience is with a good post, as this will win you more blog and Twitter followers. Publish this in major SEO blogs. Retaining these followers in another story but a good post is key to getting more followers.

Get the link

Of course, there is also linkbuilding. By submitting your best content to the best blogs in your niche, you can get the highest quality links. But instead of thinking of getting links, see guest blogging as a fun way to enhance communication and interpersonal skills. By doing so, creating good content naturally follows. This, in turn, will bring in quality links.

Guest blogging does bring in so many benefits for any blogger. If you want to enjoy the above mentioned benefits, and then some more, think creatively and come up with the best ever article to submit as a guest post.

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