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Crisis Reputation Management Explained

The internet is good and bad. How can this be so? Let us take from example a certain person who has done something remarkable. News about that person’s feat travels fast. This is made possible by social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter. Members of these networks can post the link of the news on their Facebook Timeline or tweet it on Twitter. In short, in the blink of an eye, the news can reach millions of people in an instant. Well, this is a good thing if the news is praiseworthy.

Now, the same thing can happen when a person does something bad. Bad news travels even faster than bad news. Of course, this is the time when the internet can become a thing. This is a fact that we cannot do anything about. So when this happens to a company, the top bosses should be able to do the right thing when it comes to online reputation management.

What is online reputation management?

Basically, online reputation management refers to the process of building up a certain company’s image on the internet. This means that the company either does the online reputation management on its own or it hires a professional service provide the service. When the reputation of a company is being attacked by negative comments or even negative news, steps should be taken to make sure that the internet-using public does not believe what the bad press release or the negative comment is saying. In short, the owners of the business should ensure that negative content is not allowed to ruin the reputation of their companies and that it will be countered by positive content. This is where crisis reputation management sets in.

What can a professional company do regarding crisis reputation management?

  • Monitor comments, posts, and news about the company

The hired online reputation management service provider can monitor the online reputation of its client. Using web tools, they can “spy” on what other people are saying about a certain company. These tools are legal ways to monitor one’s online reputation so there is no risk here. What is important is that the company will right away know if there is bad publicity about any of its staff, products or services. Then, the service provider can do what needs to be done to salvage the situation.

  • Create positive content

This is one useful thing that a crisis reputation management service provider can do for the business. When it knows that other entities are bashing the business over the internet, they can create positive content make the company rise above the negative report. Now, if the company was at fault, thereby deserving the post (but not the whole hateful tirade), and the service provider can offer an apology to the wronged party and offer a peace offering in the form of a coupon or a discount. This can be done through the review sites where the comment was made or though Facebook and Twitter.

In conclusion, crisis reputation management is vital to any online business. There will always be bad comments about the service or the product, no matter how the owners try to give their best. The key is to know what to do when crises strike.

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