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Using Facebook in SEO Marketing

Social media sites are among the best places to market SEO strategies and one of the best places to go to in terms of social network marketing is Facebook. This is also another reason why there are many people making use of this site. When it comes to search engine optimization, you need to grab the opportunity to sell your product. So either you are making an account for your business or for a client, you need to learn how maximize this site. Here are a few of the important tips you need to know on how you can market Facebook for SEO.

Understand that there’s a line between being friends with people and advertising your product in Facebook. So if your goal is to sell and get money, you need to have the right SEO strategies. Keep in mind that if you use SEO correctly, customers will not interpret that as a marketing campaign. So here are the steps that you need to take when marketing on Facebook:

Create an Awesome Page Name – a good name is important as this will give your potential customers the impression. Pick something that isn’t too generic or common. A catchy title is always interesting but make sure that it’s not too spammy. Go for something that is easy to remember and that people will like at first glance. Once you have that, stick with it. Never plan on changing that in the future, it might not be an effective SEO strategy.

Make use of the URL – some people might not use this much but little did you know that you can actually make use of the Facebook URL. Let’s say your business is all about pets. Create an interesting name for your URL, let’s say “Pet Lover’s Shop” or anything like that. Instead of, why not use This way your name is attached to the URL of your Facebook page. It will be easier for people to search for your page when needed. However, keep in mind that you need at least 100 likes before you can edit your URL name. So always share the link of your page, this is also one way to earn the 100 likes that you need to edit that URL.

Create a powerful “About” – another good strategy to use is the “About” section of the Facebook page. When you do use this part, always include the keywords you are using for your product. However, this part is only good for 250 characters. Make sure that you create a good description of your page and use your words wisely.

Updating Statuses – updates are important as this will be your main interaction with your customers. This is also the part that can help you divert traffic to your main website. When you update your statuses, make sure that you are able to include the keywords you are using. If you want to include a link on your status, include the keyword-enriched text if it is possible. You can also include the URL of your website but make sure that you don’t put everything in one status update. Create an interesting introduction wherein people would want to click the link that you have provided. This way you can direct them to the main site.

Using notes and discussion boards – this is a great way to use as a SEO strategy since the content in here is can be used to index keywords and phrases. Discussion boards can be a great way to reach out a group of people that are interested in your product. Putting blogs with the use of your notes can also be a great ground to create and use your keywords.

Reciprocal Linking – this means that when a fan makes a comment or like the content that you have posted, Facebook links their names back to their profile page. So this results to being indexed and Google will see links between your page and your fan’s pages. As you fans grow increases, the linking gets stronger. This then creates a cycle of improved link weight from the indexed profiles and your page.


These are a few of the best strategies that you can use in optimizing your Facebook. With consistent execution, this can play a hug role in boosting your page’s rank rate. All you need is dedication and a lot of patience to go with. You will soon reap the benefits!

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