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Trying Twitter for SEO

 When it comes to microblogging, Twitter is the most popular service all over the world. In fact, it’s so popular that almost all people have a Twitter account. However, for those who don’t know, this site can be a great tool when it comes to search engine optimization or SEO. That is if you know how to do it.

Understand that Twitter only allows 140 characters for people to write. This gives them the freedom to “tweet” whatever they are doing. You will even find some hilarious people tweeting about funny things! But if you are someone who aims for website trafficking and business opportunities, then you can use Twitter as a marketing tool. Here’s how.


Always choose a good name for your account – understand that there’s a username and a nickname in a Twitter account. Your name is different from your nickname and this name will be the one that will promote your brand, product, company or you. So make sure that the name you have is easily found on search engines. This is the first step that you should take into good consideration.

Create a neat nickname – besides your name, the nickname is also important. Make sure that the nickname you pick is related or matching to your brand or keywords of your subject. Keep in mind that this will be a part of the link in your profile in Twitter and a part of the URL in your tweets. If this is done correctly, search engines will be able to index these links so make sure that you have a good nickname and that you don’t have to rename or change it in the future. Choose a nickname that is short and easy to remember and may be convenient for tweeting. This way you can use SEO in it effectively.

Connect with other social media sites – once you have created your Twitter account, make sure that you connect with other social networking sites like Facebook, Pinterest etc. Though you have to understand that these networking sites have different audiences, you need to keep a plan of how you can interact with these sites via Twitter. It may be as simple as importing contacts but this could be tricky if you don’t know how.

Promote your Twitter – if you have a main website, add a site button or a link that leads your Twitter account. You will usually find this is other sites or pages with a “Follow Us on Twitter” or “Follow me on Twitter” slogan. This will make your account visible and thus making it easy for your visitors to communicate with you. Search engines will also index your account if correctly optimized.

Make use of your “Bio” information – use important keywords when you are filling up your bio on Twitter. You can put a hash tag (#) in front of your keyword making them visible to search engines. Just make sure they are relevant to the brand or product you are marketing. Twitter only allows 160 characters for it so make sure that you pick your words wisely.

Always use your keywords when tweeting – tweets are considered contents and this will be a great place to use your keywords. Don’t just tweet anything that isn’t relevant to your brand though it’s always nice to add humor in your tweets. However, if you are aiming for potential customers, then you need to think and analyze what keywords you should use when tweeting as this will appear in search results. The more tweets you have, the more traffic you can deliver to your site.

These are easy ways to market your product in Twitter. If you think that this will not work, think again. Search engines like Google are serious about indexing these social networking sites. If you do these steps regularly then you will also get results.



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