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Liking LinkedIn: A Great SEO Tool

LinkedIn is probably one of the best social media sites that many people are using. The only difference about this site is that they are mostly used by professionals and other work groups. To utilize LinkedIn as a SEO marketing tool, you need to know the following steps. Read on for your answers.

To use LinkedIn as a search engine optimization tool, you can do the following:

Use content links to your LinkedIn profile – it is known that LinkedIn is in good terms with Google, you can use this to post good links to your content. Understand that you can use blogging platforms like WordPress in connecting your LinkedIn profile to your blog. So in case you have updates, this will automatically be posted on your profile. You can also use the sharing button for LinkedIn on your articles. So make sure that your contents are well-written, related to the product or brand you are selling and you are using the right SEO strategies.

Make use of anchor texts – when you post a link, it is important that you are able to use good links. Instead of putting up boring blog titles, use anchor texts that are rich in keywords. Keep in mind that the keywords you use can help your site. If you post the right keywords then Google might pick up the backlinks that you have placed in. It is possible that this will help improve your website’s ranking. So make sure that you can create a great backlink for that.

Edit your LinkedIn Profile – since you will be using your LinkedIn profile as your SEO marketing tool, it clearly needs to be visible among search engines. Keep in mind that only organic SEO strategies will work out for search engines. So it’s best that you equip your profile with the right methods. To do that, include relevant and useful keywords in your profile information. May it be your headline, job description, title etc. you should be able to use the right keywords for that. Keep your profile updated. If you have other links or working for other websites, include the links. Make plenty of connections and get as much recommendation as your need. If you can customize your URL, do it. Make sure that the URL you create is also SEO friendly.

Make connections – understand that LinkedIn is a great way to find contacts of different professions. You can use this advantage to find others that is in the same trade as yours. You can trade backlinks and them to your network of contacts. Though you may not be able to contact them directly but having the opportunity to connect with them via blogs, Twitter feeds, Facebook links and websites is possible. The most connections you have, the more chances you have to find the potential contacts that you need.


Once you have mastered all of these, then you will see that LinkedIn is a good way to get rankings. Besides that, it can also help build your professional network over time. As long as you are using the right SEO strategies along with good and relevant contents, your LinkedIn profile can do a great deal in terms of search engine optimization. So do it well and good luck!


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