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How to Advertise a Product Using Social Media

The internet is an effective tool for advertising your product without breaking the bank. Yes, the internet can be every small business owner’s ally when it comes to advertising, marketing and promotion. To be more specific, social media is the way to go if you want your business to be noticed by potential customers. The question is: how do you use social media to advertise your product or business? Here are a few ways to do that:

Create an account in a social network

Of course, this is the first thing you need to do if you want to use social media to your advantage. Thus, pick the social network to sign up to. For instance, if you are a dentist with a new dental clinic, you might benefit from creating a profile on LinkedIn or Twitter where other dentists just like you converge. On the other hand, Facebook is a good choice for people who are into the arts, music, and other niches. Besides, even people who do not have any business to promote have accounts on Facebook. These individuals have the potential to become customers in the long run.

After picking the social network, you have to give some thought to what you will include in your social media bio or information. Here, you can write a short message that showcases your products and services. You should use the right words to send the message across that your business is a reliable one to patronize. Typically, the bio you come up with should be two paragraphs long. It must contain the mission and vision of your company. Also, be sure to include a relevant photograph that will draw the attention of other people on the site.

Update your business profile on a regular basis

Once you have your profile up on your chosen social site, make it a point to regularly update the said profile. What should be included in your updates? First, you must remember to include reminders about your business in your updates. Things like upcoming products and ongoing promotions will surely be great things to use for advertising your business. Second, you can include freebies in your updates. Offering rewards to customers for being loyal to your business will do wonders to your online reputation. For instance, you can give discounts to people who can retweet your post on Twitter.

Your updates may also include suggestions for relevant websites to visit. Your loyal followers will surely thank you for pointing them to reliable sites to do business with. Plus, new articles offering help, insights and instructions will surely be appreciated by your satisfied customers.

So, how often should you update your business profile? Typically, once a month is a good frequency. This will keep your information fresh enough for old followers and customers while the new feeds will attract people who are also new to the social network.

To cut long story short, any small business owner can use social media to promote a business. The key is to use social media appropriately, without going overboard with blatant promotion and marketing of your business.

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