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Managing a Company’s Online Reputation

Businesses know that their reputations play huge roles in attracting customers. As such, they try their best to market their products and services. Many of the companies also have the feeling that the media is in control of their public image. Some companies also feel that negative reviews damage their reputations irreparably. If you belong to the top management of your company, you can do several things to manage your company’s reputation.

So, what can you do to manage the reputation of your company the right way?

  • Pay attention to possible sources of controversy

You have to monitor the things that could possibly hurt your company’s reputation. This is because the media laps up controversial stories. Plus, the media is also bent in discovering mistakes made by big businesses. On the other hand, you also have to ensure that your employees are satisfied so that they do not start worker strikes. Strikes also attract the media which is bad for your business.

  • Appoint a spokesperson

It is also important for your company to have an appointed spokesperson. This spokesperson should be the person delegated with the task of answering questions that the media may pose. As such, be sure to pick a person who is confident and knowledgeable of the policies and issues pertaining to your company.

  • Prepare a list of the good points in your company that you will include in your public statements

It is important for your company to have a list of the positive points to inform the public. This will prove helpful in making potential customers understand what your company is all about. Just make sure to use only one to two sentences so that what you intend to say will be easily understood.

  • Maintain a website with a customer feedback page

This page will be your point of contact with your customers. Thus, make sure that you answer questions and concerns quickly. The quicker you respond to their comments, the better it is for your business. More importantly, dealing with negative comments right away will put the issue to rest. This means that you should never ignore bad reviews or comments.

  • Write a press release

The local newspaper can be your ally in managing your reputation. You can send a press release when you have a new product or service to offer. Be sure to point out the many interesting features of your product so that the product will gain the attention that you want it to get. Furthermore, if you word the press release well, people reading the release will surely have a good impression about your business.

  • Hire the services of an online reputation company

An online reputation company can help you manage the reputation of your business. This is really helpful if you do not have the time to manage your company’s reputation. This is also helpful if have the money to spend.

To cut a long story short, the media is not always responsible for your bad reputation. As it turns out, you can do a lot to improve the reputation of your business.

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