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Keeping the Balance between SEO and Readability

Many business owners are already aware of the importance of search engine optimization or SEO. As such, they themselves do SEO in their articles to ensure that their websites are “found” by customers who search for products or services along their niche. There is nothing wrong with that. However, some of these business owners are not aware that simply optimizing their sites for search engines is not the only thing that’s important. What are they missing?

Actually, a few of these business owners seem to forget that SEO has to go hand in hand with readability. Yes, many of these people commit mistakes in the process of writing their articles. So, instead of the search engines giving their websites higher rankings in the search results, they end up on the bottom rung, or worse, being considered as spam.

In short, the owners of businesses who want to promote or market their products and services have to know the key to keeping a balance between SEO and readability. When balance is achieved between them, search engines won’t have any trouble finding particular websites and the customers who conduct the search will appreciate the well-written, entertaining, and readable articles.

So, how much the owners of online businesses tackle this issue? Here are tips for how to maintain a balance between SEO and readability.

• Do not overstuff your articles with keywords

Although putting in many keywords in your article seems like the best thing to do, it is not. When you do that it is very clear that your main intention for writing your articles is for the search engines to take notice. But then, search engines today behave a little bit more like humans. They can detect when an article is way too full of keywords to be credible and do not give it a high rank in the searches. On the other hand, when humans read your article stuff with a keyword that is repeated over and over again, they will surely see your article for what it is: a ploy to get search engines to notice your site. In short, you have to keep your article readable but with a few keywords here and there.

• Pick the keywords to use beforehand

There are many online tools that you can use to generate the keywords that internet users will most likely use in their searches. You will discover that some keywords are more effective than others. In short, you really have to do research to find the keywords that will work. Be sure to write a working title with one of your chosen keywords

• Write naturally

This is one tip that you must never neglect. When you just let your creative juices flow, not minding whether you have included your chosen keywords in your article, you can have a better output than when you are always aware of the need to incorporate the keywords. After you have finished writing your article, you can use an online tool to check for the keyword density. When you find that the density is less than 1%, you can go through your article and look for a space to insert one or two more keywords.

In a nutshell, keeping the balance between SEO and readability is easy if you follow the tips given above.

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