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8 Copy Editing Tricks for a Professional Work

If there is one task any writer will not look forward to doing, it would have to be editing their own work. Still, this is a task that we all have to go through. After all, all of us will have to write something at some point in our lives, even when we are not a writer by profession. To give your writing job a more professional look, here are some tricks and tips to help you out through this grueling process.










1. Identify your why. Determine your reason for writing such a piece. What do you want to accomplish by writing something and trying to get people to read it. By focusing on your piece and figuring out its importance to you, you can potentially make your writing easily come together.

2. Find your voice. Every writer writes differently from other writers, just as every person is different from all the others. if you have been writing for some time, you might have noticed that there are certain words or phrases that you use. These identify who you are and what your writing style is.

3. Go more. Once we have finished writing our piece, we tend to just pull back and stay away from finer editing. Avoid doing this. Try to read your work slowly and out loud, going through every word that you have written. This is a great way to spot errors in spelling, grammar and other mistakes.

4. Put writing aside. It is not a new thing for you to suffer from writer’s block or experience frustrations while you are editing your work. Sometimes, you just can’t let it go and further torture your brain into writing. If things are too hard on you, take a break and go back to it once you feel better.

5. Ask a friend to edit. Sometimes, even when you have gone through what you have written, there are still instances that you miss out some errors. Plus, your friends can be great in telling you what they like about your writing as well as those they are not too fond off.

6. Look at active versus passive voice. This means that exactly like its name says – you are out and about. With this kind of writing, your piece will be springy rather than forgettable. Look up on more information about this online. Using this can greatly improve your writing.

7. Check your sentence lengths. You would want to vary your sentence lengths. Sometimes, we tend to cram everything in a single sentence so it ends up hard to understand. Take a look at your long sentences and assess if you can put a comma somewhere in it. This will make your writing more snappy.

8. Learn to diagram sentences. If you struggle with your grammar, this is something that will help you improve. With sentence diagramming, you will be able to identify the subject of your sentence, the verb of your sentence and any other clauses that you are using.

And there you have it: tips to transform your writing. Now you can turn an ordinary SEO into something that is more professional and believable.

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