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The Most Important SEO Tip for 2013

In the year 2012, Google has shown us that they will not settle for low-value tactics any longer. They have released a number of updates like the Penguin, multiple Pandas, and the Exact Match Domains, to name a few. And now that a new year is approaching, just how can you protect what you have already built? There are so many things that you can do to protect your efforts. With all these things, there is one common denominator: diversity.

At some point, you might have asked “What is the best tactic, tag or directory for SEO?” then you are in trouble. Keep in mind that single tactic approaches are best when used short term. Real marketing, real link profiles and real companies are teeming with diversity.











What does this mean? Read on and know the five kinds of diversity that are critical to your success in SEO for 2013 and in the coming years.

1. Anchor text. The unnatural and too-aggressive inbound link anchor text has been pushing the envelope and it is only a matter of time that something was done about this. And the Penguin Update did do the job. To make your anchor text appear more natural, you need to stop obsessing over it.

2. Links. Many people have been getting into guest blogging as their top link-building tactic. And while this has worked, anything that you use and abuse too often can be a low quality tactic. Determine where you links have been coming in and think of trying something new. If you diversify your profile and your tactics, you can diversify your risks.

3. Traffic sources. Most marketers are relied too much on Google and its rules. But what if these rules have changed? What if your competitor was able to get site-links all of a sudden and your ratings dropped? Instead of focusing on the algorithm, divert much of your attention to search UI and feature landscape. In other words, think beyond Google.

4. Marketing. There has been a growing trend where marketing tactics are not focused into liking you but rather as the extension of creating a mousetrap. Stop taking those shortcuts and actually think about what you do and why it has value. Talk to marketing people outside of SEO and know what they do that is exciting, unique and enticing to their customers.

5. Point of view. if you are bored with what you are doing and you are blatantly open about it, how would your customers and prospects feel? Get a fresh perspective of your work and the place that you work in. Have a tour of your office like you have never been in it or visit your home city like you are a tourist visiting for the first time.

Now, do you have a clear idea of things that you need to diversify for a successful SEO next year and in the coming years? Consider following the above tips and always have diversity in mind.

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