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7 Ways to Optimize Your Facebook Fan Page SEO

If you have been using your Facebook fan page for marketing, you might already have encountered ways to optimize its SEO. There are those who say that you use keywords in the filenames of your uploads while there are those who say that you have to have each URL you own linked to the page. Somehow, these tips still do not really give your desired results. To help you out, here are some tips to optimize your Facebook page for SEO, as shared in SEOmoz.







1. Pick the best name for your Facebook fan page

This is the most important and basic step to optimize your brand on Facebook. Do not be tempted by stuffing it with keywords as this can hurt your viral growth rate and make you appear spammy. On the other hand, do not be too generic either. Take note that the very first word of your fan page title is given the most importance by Google.

2. Come up with a custom fan page vanity URL

Once your fan page reaches 25 Likes, you will be given by Facebook the ability to make a unique URL for the page. These are heavily weighted by search engines so make sure that it will reflect an aspect of your businesses. If another fan page has already claimed your business name, include what your business is in the URL.

3. Put keywords in strategic locations on your page

Just like conventional websites, keyword optimization is very important for on-site SEO. The top things that you need to pay attention are the About, Mission, and Company Description sections since it is these areas that will be pulled out from your fan page as SEO elements. Also include your Address, City, State and Zip.

4. Include your address and phone number

There are some businesses that do not include their address and phone number in their fan page, probably because they have thought that their sales will come from online traffic. However, these two things are very important to index your brand for local search results. This should also help in the overall SEO of your brand.

5. Backlink to your fan page on existing channels

According to Google, the more inbound links there are on your page, the more authoritative your page will be so it will be ranked higher. This will come in handy to bloggers when they link their content to other blogs and websites. This same principle also applies to your Facebook fan page so include a link to your fan page where appropriate.

6. Optimize your fan page status updates

Keep in mind that the first 18 characters of your Facebook post is the meta description. Take advantage of this option since the text that you input will be the SEO title for that particular update. You might also want to include direct links to the website of your business in your updates.

7. SEO for Facebook Notes

Facebook Notes is one feature that many businesses do not utilize. But when properly used, this can give your fan page a very effective way to increase its overall Atlanta SEO.

Utilize these tips and enjoy an increased SEO for your Facebook fan page!

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