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Why Will I Need Social Media Strategies for SEO in 2013?

Search engine optimization is made up of various strategies. Some of the most popular ones include utilization of useful content, effective keyword search and relevant backlinks. Among all the other strategies, it is social media that has somehow become a game-changer in the world of SEO. It has introduced an element that has the power to transform you into a viral superstar or bury you underneath creative competitors who were able to understand the value of taking their followers and friends seriously.

Social media has proven to have a strong influence in the success of businesses come 2013. But for you to become popular, you also have to be shareable.  The content of your SEO has to be more than useful. It has to engage your audience so that it will encourage them to share your content with their followers, peers and friends.






Social media sharing among some of the biggest sites today like Facebook, Twitter, Google+, LinkedIn and Pinterest greatly affects the Google ranking of your site. The use of blogging tools is very effective in integrating all the aspects of a website with its social pages, promoting a cohesive presence as opposed to portioned properties all over the web.

Authenticity is something that many companies fail to recognize its importance to their reputation. Because of this, they do not take their roles seriously. They outsource tweets and posts and patronize an audience who will turn their attention to brands that authentically promote themselves. This leads to a big suffering of their online presence. This is remedied by seriously taking the role of social media. Companies need to come up with a plan that will adequately reflect a brand’s essence to the outside world, making it likeable, engaging and shareable.

Planning is important in effectively managing the social media presence of your brand. The use of inconsistent and random tweets and posts can have a negative effect on the image of your brand. You need to be able to bring your team together in order to form a message that will evenly spread among the channels of social media. To effectively promote such a message, your previous ideas on keyword development will have to evolve. Come up with a clear meaning of your brand and give your audience a reason to follow you.

Finally, you need to be creative. Share your brand’s essence with music, photos and videos, showing its human side. Share your spotlights, celebrations and events, keeping in mind that your audience would want to know about your customers, employees, and business. Creative social sharing is very effective. Offer an exclusive discount, set the stage for a content, or promote a community event, something that will encourage your audience to share your brand with others. Also, always optimize your results by creating unique messages for each of your social platform, and not merely generate the same messages for all of them.

The use of standard SEO is not enough to create and maintain a strong online presence any longer. True optimization should now include an effective social media strategy that will capture the attention of your current and potential customers.

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