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Reasons Why You should Use Pinterest for SEO

Pinterest is now one of the most popular social networking websites. Since two years of its operation, it has now more than 11 million users, 9 million of which are active Facebook-connected users.

Many netizens are already hooked up to this site. This is because of Pinterest’s unique feature, which allows you to organize and share any images you can find on the web via virtual pin boards. You can also browse the pin boards created by other people in order to discover new things or just to simply get inspiration from those whom you share your interests with. Pins found in Pinterest range from latest trends in fashion, beauty tips, health and wellness, pet care, photography, home decorations and many others.











1. Active Retailer-Consumer Interaction

If you are a retailer marketing in any of these, Pinterest is the perfect way to increase traffic and connect with your customers. Pinterest allows you to share your merchandise to the consumers through visuals. In return, the consumers are allowed to give feedback to you through comments. You can also track what the consumers want through clicking the “Most Popular” link.

By knowing what the consumers want, you are able to improve your service and update the goods that you are selling. Furthermore, while you are engaging with consumers via Pinterest, you are also able to reach those from other social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+ through Pinterest’s social websites’ connecting platform.

2. Pinterest Increases Retail Sales

Most of the users of Pinterest are women. The total demographics of the site are comprised of 80 percent females compared to the 20 percent of male users. The percentage of women using the website is the main reason why it is very effective in increasing retail sales. Research shows that women decide the purchases for the American household, and 75 percent of which conduct online purchasing. And because women tend to decide on the household purchases, it is important for retailers like you to reach them—to provide the products that they need, and to try to persuade them to buy your products.

3. Pinterest Shows Images of your Merchandise

Perhaps, the main reason why the website is attracting many users is because of the attractive images posted on it. If you are a retailer, you can use this to your advantage. You can post visuals of your merchandise to catch the attention of your intended audience. An image of a shoe for example is more effective in persuading a consumer to buy it in comparison to tweets or status updates regarding it.










Pinterest allows you to provide relevant information about products you decide to post on your boards. It also allows you to interact easily with the consumers. If you want to increase consumer traffic, go ahead and be active in sharing and organizing images of your product, but do not stop there. Connect with consumers for not only they will most likely buy your products, they may also share them with friends who are also part of your prospective clients.

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