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Search Engine Optimization Tactics You Should Avoid for 2013

Using social media for search engine optimization was popular in the year 2012. Now, it is already 2013. Many changes are already out in the World Wide Web. With the changes, many strategies may not be already useful. For a better optimization in 2013, avoid these common mistakes:









1. Repetition of keywords

You can read from almost every page giving tips on search engine optimization that it is acceptable to repeat certain keywords within your account. While this is right, many tend to overstuff their pages with repeated keywords. When this happens, your profile appears like a spam which will prevent search engines from picking it up in the results. Moreover, visitors might leave your page immediately during visits since it does not look pleasing to the eyes. If you want to optimize your visibility without appearing like a spam, try using synonyms instead.

2. Ignoring Mobile Search

Cellular phones with mobile Internet are already common. Many users are already visiting websites from their Internet-enabled cellphones. While the statistics are not very high yet, it is expected that the numbers will rise in the 2013 due to better mobile device developments. With this fact in mind, you should consider creating a mobile-friendly version page of your page. You should also start creating strategic optimization campaigns though mobile in reaching the consumers.

3. Boring page design

You may have followed and done every SEO tip found on the Internet. However, if you still have a dull page then nothing will work. The appearance of your page says a lot about what you sell and your company. It is also the first factor which grabs the attention of your visitors. Customers actually pay a lot of attention to appearance. So for 2013, improve your webpage design. If you don’t have the skills then hire someone who can.










4. Creating dull-sounding content

The contents of your webpage must be in accordance to what you are trying to sell and to your consumers. If your consumers are businessman, you might want to use a serious tone in the contents. However, it is advisable to use an engaging tone. You want to sound as if you are directly talking to your audience. This way, the consumers will feel that you are directly addressing their questions or that you are actively engaging them with your discussions.

5. Ignoring local listings

You should consider the local listings. Local listings should include relevant local business information. These could make your company appear credible and more valuable for searching consumers. Furthermore, optimizing your local placement may help increase your placement among your competitors. Your local popularity and visibility might be spread into the bigger world of the Internet.

6. Not checking whether your page is virus free

You must ensure that your page is virus free. It is already known that no one visits a websites which infects computers. Search engines also take note pages which do such and eliminate them from search results. Lastly, viruses make your page fragile for hackers.

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