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Tips in Using Twitter for Search Engine Optimization

Optimizing your presence in the World Wide Web is important. Surely, you must have already used many social networking sites in order to increase viewer traffic. One of the platforms that you can use in order to enhance your online presence is through Twitter. While it only allows 140 characters, it already has more than 500 million users, a great factor for you to consider using Twitter in optimizing your social presence.








1. Choose your account name carefully.

Your account is the name that appears next to your profile. Be sure to choose the account name which best reflects your company, or the goods or services that you are promoting. It is recommended that you use the name of your company or your brand. You should also consider choosing the name which is popular and has the most search frequency. Aside from that, choose an account name as short as possible. This is to ensure that you have enough spaces for the remaining characters of your tweets.

2. Create your account bio strategically.

Twitter allows only 160 characters for your account bio or the “about” section of your profile. Use keywords that best describes your brand. Search engines also index the keywords in the account bio that is why it is important that they generally describe your profile and your tweets.

3. Be careful with what you are tweeting.

Twitter only allows 140 characters per tweet. These limited characters should be used wisely. Include keywords on your tweets that best describes the content and your company. Don’t forget to include links in your tweets, and when you do, use link shorteners like Tinyurl or The shorter the link, the lesser the required characters are. You can use the remaining characters for keywords and other contents instead. Also keep in mind that Twitter only shows the “lead-ins” or the first 42 characters of your tweets then hides the rest. Be sure that your lead-ins are creative enough to catch the attention of the audience. Studies found out that lead-ins in question form are effective. Try to start your tweets this way.









4. Use hashtags.

Hashtag or the symbol #, is used to mark or highlight keywords or topics in a tweet. Add hashtags your keywords every time you tweet. Remember that in order for hashtags to work, there should be no spaces between keywords. Hashtags are very effective in making your tweets viral. However, you must not start nor fill your tweets with them. These could devalue your tweets and could provide a spammy impression which is the last thing that you want to happen.

5. Make sure that your tweets are retweetable.

Do not exhaust the allowable 140 characters. If you use all characters, your tweets are still retweetable. However, you might want to spare 10-20 characters so that other users who want to include “RT @username” don’t have to delete your keywords or username to fit everything. This is also the reason why you should choose as short account name as possible.

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