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Google Places: How Businesses Can Use It

Google Places is a free Google service that gives users the chance to search for businesses and local establishments in a certain area. This means that internet users do not have to actually go on foot to search for these public places. Google will provide a list of the local businesses found in the area specified. Because of this, the businesses that are part of the listings generated by Google stand higher chances of drawing customers to their doors.






Basically, a search on Google Map provides internet searchers with information about a certain company. The information generated by Google Map comes from all the data gathered from phone listings, from the Web and other sources that may have data about the company. Although this is useful, Google Places takes one step further and gets rid of the generation information. This implies that the businesses included in the listings have the chance to customize how their business will appear to the searchers. As such, business owners can provide Google Places with customized descriptions, relevant photos and videos about the company.

How can business owners use Google Places? Simple! All one has to do is create Place Pages. This can be done by signing in with Google Places using a Google account. Signing is easy as it requires the filling out of the form and providing Google with business information. What is important to remember is that each listing should have a physical mailing address which will be the address that will appear in the search results. The account of a certain business comes with a dashboard that lets owners update and improve their page listings. It is also on their Place Pages that businesses can offers coupons for exclusive deals and promos.

In short, Google Places offers free promotion and advertising for business. Plus, it lets business owners benefit from the easy way that people can find their businesses. On the other hand, business owners can utilize the reports from the dashboard listing. This will give them a good idea regarding how many customers were interested in their businesses and the places they reside in.






How does Google Places help consumers? The main benefit of this service is seen in the suggestions offered to internet users. Each time a users types the search term on the Google search engine, Google Places offers recommendations regarding the local businesses in the area. This means that customers will be pointed in the direction of the most reliable businesses in the locality.

How can consumers guarantee that they have found the right place – be it a hotel or a restaurant – to visit?  Consumers can go through the businesses appearing to the right of the search results list. What they need to look out for are the star ratings and the number of reviews about the company. As expected, the more star ratings a place has, the better the service it provides.

In a nutshell, Google Places is indeed useful for business owners because it provides them with free promotions and a venue where customers can easily find them.

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