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Marketing Strategies for Twitter Users

The internet has made the lives of businessmen a whole lot easier but more competitive. As such, online business owners need to stay on their feet all the time of they want their businesses to thrive. This is exactly the reason why social media is getting more and more popular nowadays. Social media offers these online entrepreneurs the chance to connect to their customers as easily as with a single post on the site. Social sites like Twitter are the in thing today. What makes it even better is that Twitter can be used fully to attract potential customers and to entice them into buying a service or product. In short, Twitter can be effective in marketing a business.










How can business owners utilize Twitter to promote their businesses? Here are a few strategies:

  • Posting links to your website and offering coupons

Coupons are great in attracting customers to your business. Just like with online marketing without the use of social media, coupons with discounts and free items are lapped up by excited customers. If you do the same thing on Twitter, you can guarantee that a considerable number of Twitter users will land on your webpage. This is a useful strategy as Twitter messages are limited to 140 characters. Thus, a short tweet plus links to your coupons will lead customers right where you want them.

  • Posting tweets about where your mobile business may be at the moment

This, of course, applies to businesses that are not fixed on one spot but are mobile. Short and concise tweets about special discounts being offered in certain locations will be good for directing your followers to the exact place where they can get the stuff. Plus, this will give you the chance to connect with your followers through your helpful tweets.

  • Interacting with followers who are also customers

Twitter is a social site. We all know that. By engaging in two-way conversations with your customers, you allow them to take a peek at the persons behind the business. This is good for building trust in your business. In the long run, you will have more customers who trust your service or product.

  • Finding out what others are saying about your business

Twitter can also be a great tool for finding out about the online reputation of your business. How is this done? Simple! You can type in the name of your business on the site. You will be rewarded with information about how people view your business. For example, if you notice that more than one person has made a comment about a certain aspect of your business, you can take their comments as positive criticism. You can then use the positive criticism to improve your product or service.

To cut a long story short, these marketing strategies will help you promote your business on Twitter. You can increase awareness about your business of you play your cards well. Just make sure that you stay committed to this form of marketing as it does require dedication on your part.

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