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Using Facebook Fan Pages for Business

Originally, Facebook was created to provide friends with a place to stay in touch with others who are far away. Through time, the social networking site has change and has even become one of the most popular sites on the internet. This means that more and more people are using Facebook than ever before. Employees, students and businessmen have created Facebook profiles for their own reasons.

Today, many business establishments use Facebook as part of their marketing strategies. What these businesses specifically use is the Facebook Fan Pages. What are Facebook fan pages? These pages are profiles specifically created for a certain establishment. What is important to remember is that fan pages can only be created by the designated representative of the company. It could be the owner or another trusted individual. This fan page is the point of interaction between customers and businesses. It is where the company can post photos of the business and market their offerings.








How does this work? A Facebook user who clicks “like” on the fan page will get to see updates in his or her news feed. This means that the user can follow the activities of the company and can stay updated about new offerings. What this implies is businesses can make full use of its own fan page if the owners themselves know the right ways of using the tool.

So, how can business owners use their Facebook Fan Pages to their benefit? Here are a few ways:

  • Post links to articles and newsletters

The fan page of your company is a great place to post links to articles and newsletters. The articles will entice your customers to patronize your company, if only for the self-help information you provide. Eventually, you will be able to convert readers into loyal customers. Additionally, posting links to your newsletter could encourage readers to sign up for it. Just be sure to provide interesting information in your newsletter to hold on to your customers.

  • Post status updates on a regular basis

Your company fan page is also the thing that connects you to your customers. As such, you need to update your status regularly. Your status can include any of the events of our company and other activities that the customers may be interested in.

  • Offer freebies or hold contests

It is also useful to get your fans to interact with you. Besides, this interactive nature is what makes social media so popular. As such, you can hold contests for your customers. You can offer them an irresistible offer. Plus, you can also posts questions that your fans can answer. This will get your followers to get excited about your company, enough to make them want to buy something.

  • Respond to negative comments immediately

You can also use your fan page to respond to your fan’s comments as soon as possible. You have to show your followers that you take their concerns seriously. On the other hand, you have to remember to respond to negative comments in a diplomatic way and as soon as they are posted. This way you get to have full control of your online reputation.

In short, Facebook Fan Pages are useful in promoting your business. Just remember not to neglect other forms of promotion as they work, too.

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