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Using Instagram for Marketing

In today’s world, social media sites are very popular. In fact, millions of people log into these sites at any given time during the day. One of the popular social sites today is Facebook. Facebook is popular enough by itself. Now, it moved up one notch higher in the popularity game when it purchased Instagram.

What is Instagram? Instagram is a free application for Android photo sharing. It was launched about two years ago. Just last year, Facebook acquired it and integrated it into it long list of popular apps enjoyed by many users. People like this app because the filters give the pictures the look of professional-grade editing. In fact, some filters give snapshots a vintage feel while other filters enhance colors.







How does Instagram work? Basically, this app lets users take a photo. It does not stop there. The user can apply a digital filter to the photo and share the edited photo on various social networks included the Instagram site itself. It is very easy for users to take pictures on their smartphones and share them with their “friends”. Yes, users can also follow other Instagram users’ photostreams. This means that business owners can use this feature of the app to reach a wider audience.

So, why is Instagram a great venue for online business owners? There are actually several reasons. First, statistics show that Instagram amasses many users in one day. Two, it has an average number of 7.3 million active users per day. Three, it has more than 100 million users. Just imagine the number of potential customers that can be found on the social platform. These reasons make Instagram a very effective tool for marketing a business.

Here are some of the ways that business owners can use Instagram to market their products and services:

  • Give your business a face through your photos

Internet users are more likely to become interested in your business if you post visually stunning images on the site or even on Facebook. The more creative your photos are, the better you chances of gaining more customers. As such, it will do you some good to post photos of new products, activities, or things that area related to your business. Just remember the saying “a picture is worth a thousand words”.

  • Use hashtags

On Instagram, hashtags give searchers an easier time looking for photos that they are searching for. The hashtags categorize search results on the search feature of the site. An example would be a company selling shoes. That company can include the hashtag #trendyfootwear or #shoes so that people looking for pictures of shoes will find the photos belonging to the company.

  • Hold contests







This will work really well if your business has something to do with selling stuff. What you can do is let customers take pictures of themselves while using the product. The customers then have to upload the photos to be eligible for a prize. A good way to pick the winner is to involve other user and make them vote for their favorite snapshot.

In conclusion, Instagram is not just a tool for editing and sharing photos. It is also an effective tool for marketing your product, service or brand.

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