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How to Use Facebook Ads

Facebook is one of the most popular social networking sites that exist today. For this reason, many business owners have taken their business on the site to promote their products or services. Yes, advertising through Facebook has indeed proven to be quite a successful means of promotion. Having an account or a fan page on Facebook, though, is not enough. As such, business owners have to consider using Facebook Ads which are inexpensive.

But then, Facebook Ads are quite limited when it comes to what a business owner can and cannot do. Why is this? The ads come in only one shape and size. This means that business owners do not have enough freedom regarding what they want to show in their ads. Plus, the format for the ads on Facebook is the same and the character count is specific for the body copy and the headline. What this implies is a business owner has to be very creative in drawing attention to his business because the ads are generic in nature.








So, how can business owners use Facebook Ads to promote their products and services? Here are some tips:

• Use a photo that attracts other Facebook users

Facebook ads may hold one photo. This means that the photo that must be chosen is one that is striking enough to grab the attention of customers. A tip is to use an unusual photo or a specific on that targets the right audience. The business owner has to remember that the biggest photo that can be included is 110 pixels by 80 pixels. As such, the persons concerned should prepare their photos before securing an ad space to save time.

• Pinpoint the target the right people

Facebook ads allow users to target the people who matter in their ads. It is possible to target potential customers by located, age, gender and education. Business owners also have the chance to target customers based on marital status. Facebook ads can be made so specific that only people who meet the given criteria can view them. In short, the ads on the site provide business owners with higher chances of gaining customers as the ads are hyper-targeted to certain people.

• Choose the words to place in the ad very carefully

Ads are limited to 135 characters per body copy. This means that business owners have to make sure not to waste words on contact information. Why not? Interested individuals will click on the ad if they want to reach the one who placed it. Thus, online entrepreneurs should ensure that readers of the ads are compelled to take action.

• Make use of the analytics that Facebook provides

Facebook ads come with analytics. This means that individuals who post ads can monitor and test their ads for effectiveness. It would be wise to run many ads in one campaign in order to pick the most effective among them all.
In conclusion, Facebook ads can be a business owners ally in promoting the business. As such, every business owner should consider this tool to market the brand.

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