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How to Use StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a popular internet browser that lets users find content that they prefer. This social bookmarking toolbar bases the content it find through the way a user rates other websites, the user’s interests and how the StumbleUpon friends in the network of  a user rate the websites. In short, this site is great for zeroing in on the sites that really matter to the users.










So, how can users use StumbleUpon? Here are the steps:

  • Go to the StumbleUpon site and create an account

Signing up for an account is simple. A user just has to complete the registration process. After completing the process, the site will provide a prompt for the user to install the toolbar. It is also very simple to install the toolbar. The instructions provided onscreen are easy to follow.

  • Invite friends to install StumbleUpon

This step will help a user create a network for friends on the site. If a user prefers, he can give StumbleUpon temporary access to his email account. StumbleUpon will use the email addresses on the contacts list to send invites. It is also possible to manually search for friends who already have StumbleUpon accounts.

  • Get started on the “stumble” button

After the StumbleUpon toolbar is installed, the user can then “stumble” into sites he or she is interested in. How is this done? Clicking on the “Stumble” button found on the left side of the StumbleUpon toolbar will achieve this. Basically, the first time an individual uses the toolbar, he or she will be asked to select his or her interests. Thus, when the person clicks on “stumble”, the toolbar will only provide pages related to the interests pick. For example, if a user picks entertainment as an interest, a number of the sites StumbleUpon will find are entertainment sites.

  • Give your thumbs up or thumbs down

After being provided with a site that fits a person’s interests, the user has to let StumbleUpon know whether he liked the site or not. This is done through clicking on one of the two buttons on the StumbleUpon toolbar – the thumbs up or the thumbs down. If the user finds the site he stumbled upon to be really helpful, he can also write a review. The “talk bubble” which is found near the thumbs down button will let a user write a review to add to the other reviews already listed.

  • Email friends

If a user really finds a particular site to be excellent, he also has the chance to email friends about it. There is a “send to” button on the toolbar that allows users to do this.

  •  View websites “liked” by friends

There is another button on the toolbar with two people on it. By clicking this button, a user can visit websites that friends say they like.

In short, using StumbleUpon is pretty simple. Further, the tool includes other useful features not discussed in the article. Plus, this tool helps internet users find the websites that fit their preferences in a short time.

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