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LinkedIn Benefits for Your Business

Are you aware that LinkedIn is more than just a social networking site? Yes, as a professional, you can stay connected with professionals just like yourself. On the other hand, the relationships you sustain on the site let you build up your business to benefit your reputation.

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What are the LinkedIn features that provide benefits to business owners?

  • Volunteer Experiences and Causes helps create relationships

There is a new section called “Volunteer Experiences and Causes”. This section is actually the result of what consumers wanted. LinkedIn users asked for this section to be included among all the other features. How does this section work? Individuals are allowed to document their volunteer experience in order to have a way to tell others about it.  Through this, people can build relationships and promote their services. Additionally, a person can contribute to a particular cause.

  • Referrals can work wonders for professionals

Professionals can also benefit from referrals they get from satisfied clients. This means that LinkedIn members stand better chances of getting seen by other prospective clients as the referrals come from reliable sources. This could mean that they have more opportunities of being hired for the particular service that they offer.

  • The second and third tiered contacts add to a professional’s referral base

For example, a dentist who is a friend of another professional can have access to that contact’s contacts. In short, the dentist will share those contacts to build a wider referral base. Just like in selling actual products, the wider the customer base is, the higher the chances that the product will get sold.

  • “LinkedIn Today” features “Groups” 

This feature of LinkedIn lets a professional join groups in order to have a feel for the conversations going on around the network. Further, the professional can even join in the conversation in order to be known to qualified persons in the industry. What this implies is that a LinkedIn member can promote his services further by showing other members that he or she is a force to be reckoned with.

  • LinkedIn lets professionals used vanity URLs

Yes, just like vanity license plates vanity URLs also exist. These vanity URLs can be obtained by members. What’s more? The URL is made so that it reflects the industry that the LinkedIn member operates in. The result is a more professional looking LinkedIn URL. That alone could make other members interested in finding out more about a certain professional.

  • LinkedIn is great for keeping track of companies

The job postings on LinkedIn are pretty straightforward in the jobs sought by companies. Well, a member looking for a job can also track companies through the site. How can this be done? Simple! The job hunter only has to be alert for press releases regarding employees leaving a department. This implies that there could be vacancies there. Armed with that knowledge, the job hunter can apply directly to the company without waiting for the job opening to be posted.








In conclusion, there are just a few ways that LinkedIn can benefit business professionals. What is important is that LinkedIn members know what they can use to advance their careers.

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