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SEO Pointers for Bing

Today, Google is the top search engine used by most internet users. However, unknown to some, there is another search engine that will soon join the ranks of Google as a force to contend with in terms of online marketing. The search engine that could give Google a run for its money is none other than Bing.

Bing, which is a product of Microsoft, is slowly building a name for itself in the niche. In fact, some people claim that Bing has the potential to overtake the success of Google in the years to come. Actually, Bing is not very similar to Google. It actually differs in the methods it employs to ranks pages and the way it displays the results of searches done by internet users.







And so, if you are an online business owner, you have to be able to knowhow to utilize Bing to benefit your business. This means that you have to know how to do search engine optimization for Bing. Here are some pointers that you might want to keep in mind:

  • Create compelling titles

Bing favors titles that are related to the subject. But then again, that goes for readers too, doesn’t it? Further, you have to make sure that your title tag contains relevant keywords. If you are not using the right keywords in the title tag, Bing just won’t find you when a searcher looks for a business related to yours.

Of course, you have to remember to keep your title catchy as well. That will give you more chances of getting noticed by the search engine. If possible, the most prominent keyword should come first in the title tag.

  • Make sure to write articles that are at least 350 words long

Yes, you have to ensure that the articles you post on your site are more than 350 words long. Why is there a limit to the number of words? The more words an article has, the more it can be expected to be able to provide more information to the readers. Besides, you surely cannot write a nice and informative article with less than 300 words.

As a rule of thumb, 500 words per page is a good starting ground if you want Bing to take notice of your webpage. Also, make sure not to spin articles. Spinning does not create new content. It merely rehashes old content found online. Also, remember not to repeat keywords all throughout the article.

  • Make sure to keep one domain name instead of switching to a new one on a regular basis

Bing puts weight on the age of a domain, meaning, how long ago it was registered. Although some people suggest buying an old domain will do the trick, a few experts don’t suggest that. Why? Even if an individual purchases an old domain from some other business entity, Bing will still be able to find out the names of former owners before you. So, instead of purchasing an old domain, you can create a new one and slowly build up its reputation through quality back links.

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There are actually more steps you can take to optimize your website for Bing. The important thing is you know the basic steps that you can start with to get your business noticed by this budding search engine.

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