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Magnetic Content – What is It and Why is It Important?

Magnetic content is now the focus of a whole new kind of advertising, one, which aims to engage a population’s attention instead of, intrudes upon it. This is an increasingly common term for content publishers and advertisers, and is described by experts to be a combination of both relevant content and strategic advertising.

The main characteristic of magnetic content is that it’s extremely relevant to individuals, so much that it effortlessly snags someone’s attention, even prompting them to pass the information on to others. You can probably now see why it’s called magnetic content. People are drawn to what they read, see, or hear. They actually want to engage with what they find. Because of its ability to pique an audience’s interest, online marketers are looking for the right kind of content that qualifies as magnetic.

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One of the most important things that your content should be is brand-relevant. The kind of content you place on your website, profile, or page is often reflective of your brand strategy. Create content that clearly forges an association with your brand, and it becomes unmistakably plain how your content is connected to it.

Magnetic content works best if you encourage the building of communities, or perhaps highlighting an experience that people can bond over. This is evident in the branding strategies used for legendary movies, such as Lord of the Rings, Star Wars, or Harry Potter. The content itself is riveting, and this is further enhanced by a vast array of memorabilia that people can buy, appearances at Comic-Con, spin-off literature, and others. While this doesn’t mean you follow exactly in these footsteps, it highlights the importance of bringing an experience to your audience, allowing them to acutely feel as a community any message that you attempt to get across.

If your content appeals to a community, it should have the ability to become timeless, especially because communities tend to evolve over time. Create an interface or a structure that manages to speak to a global audience, regardless of era.

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It’s also a good idea to experiment with various forms of media, too. The Internet is not limited to content produced solely via article writing. Articles are great sources of information, and they are the most convenient forms of media to come up with, but creating content on a multi-platform scale enhances the experience for your audience. Take advantage of the various ways in which you can engage people: videos, audio recordings, infographics, etc.

One of the best qualities of magnetic content is that it’s often quite inspirational. Most marketers don’t set out to inspire as much as provide striking, relevant information, but the effect on one’s audience is nothing short of magnetic if one manages to properly nail the inspiration part. Emphasize your brand’s values and as much as possible, associate your brand with a meaningful stance.

If you’re having trouble starting out though, look to daily experiences for inspiration. Sometimes the simplicity of ordinary, day-to-day experiences can have the most effect on people.

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