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Let’s be frank. Facebook changed how we view the world. It made social networking the main frontline in communication and so does the birth of Google Plus. Google plus is created to address the needs lacking in Facebook and other social media. Google+ or Google Plus or commonly written as G+ is a social layer of not just one site but integrating other Google owned online accounts such as YouTube, Gmail and the like.








Originally Google+ is called Google Circles wherein its goals are organizing friendship information. Google+ involves social services like Google Profiles and has new services such as Circle, Hangouts and Sparks. It is accessible via website and cellphone. Google+ uses java servlets as server code and JavaScript for the browser side. HTML5 was also used to have good and up to date browsers.

Key Features

Stream is the main meat of the site wherein friend updates are seen as well as users can post photos, videos and status update. What makes this important compared to the rest is that there is a feature wherein you can filter your updates to your certain circles or make it public.

Circles is another feature wherein you can classify your group of friends or see updates according to circles. This make privacy much easier to control.

Hangouts are used to facilitate video chat with a maximum of 10 people. However only Google+ users are able to use this feature. Certain countries cannot make use of this feature due to limited on air features and some like China, Vietnam and Thailand cannot make use of this feature due to restrictions.

Messenger or formerly huddle is a form of communication via instant messaging to your circles. You can share photos using this feature.

Instant upload is another feature only available to mobile devices. You can store photos in albums and set it as private for sharing later.

Sparks is a core additional feature to Google+ wherein users can search various topics posted on Google online. Basically it’s a search engine in a social networking site.

Games are one feature you will really enjoy in Google+ as Google shares its own game applications from Play Store. This ensures users that there are no dull and boring moments.

Data liberation is an option for users to freely download files from Google+.

Search in Google allows users to freely search anything within Google+ using keywords.










Hashtags are of use in Google+ because it serves as a trend finder or a keyword.

What’s hot stream shows what Google+ users are super excited about.

Ripples is a new feature wherein you will be able to know what is happening and a file that is reshared.

Google+ Creative Kits integrated Picnik to Picasa Web Albums that enable users to edit their photos.

Some of the newly added features and integrated to Google’s social networking site are Google+ Pages wherein groups and organizations can set up pages, Google+ Badges , Google+ Locals which allow users to post photos and location to its pages, Verified names for public figures, Google+ Events and Google+ Communities.

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