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The Value of Crowdsourcing

Crowdsourcing is a new innovated way of getting your needed content, services or idea from a crowd or group of people mostly from the online community rather than letting a certain company, supplier or employee do the job. It is well differentiated from outsourcing in a way that in outsourcing, you are outsourcing to know group or company wherein in crowdsourcing, you are offering the job, service or idea to the public so the public can share ideas or contribute to the work. To simplify, crowdsourcing is like calling through a megaphone people who would like to work on your specified problem or job.

It is done basically online because there is a much diversified crowd online and more importantly crowdsourcing was created because of the advent of online jobs and careers. To date, Steve Jurvetson was the creator of the word “crowdsourcing” last February 2006. He used it to describe a Flickr group online discussion. In 2008, Daren C. Braham defined it as the “online, distributed problem- solving and production model.”

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In today’s time, crowdsourcing has been operationally done over the Internet because it is the best avenue for faster communication and web- based projects are much more easier to work with because workers can submit their tasks without much of scrutiny. There are two types of crowdsourcing. One is explicit and the other one is implicit. Explicit crowdsourcing is a strategy wherein the contributors work hand in hand to answer a certain problem, solve it and improve it. Explicit type of crowdsourcing allows users to edit postings, books and websites while an implicit type of crowdsourcing wherein the work is because of a consequence or as a third party worker.

Types of Crowdsourcing

Crowd Voting is the soliciting of opinion from a group regarding a certain topic or stand. This is usually done thru polls then an option is given wherein you can give an opinion or comment.

Creative Crowdsourcing is a way of outsourcing wherein creative projects are being offered to a crowd such as website design, graphic design, illustration and etc.

Crowdfunding is also a brilliant way of soliciting funds for your projects. It can be a donation or as partners in your projects. This is done by charitable institutions or to those who would want to start a good cause. However, this is the mostly abused strategy for profiteering as some may pose as good cause but actually fooling other people. Your one dollar can actually mean a lot if hundreds of you are contributing a dollar.

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Wisdom of the crowd is a good way to solicit ideas and information because numerous minds are better than one and numerous ideas improve one. This style is definitely helpful when posted online because the public online is quite diverse therefore several unique ideas can be taken. Microwork is a crowdsourcing way to look for workers for small tasks you need at the same time a good way to earn a little money. These are tasks that are being paid and is a good avenue for income.

Inducement prize contest is also another type of soliciting ideas and information as well as service for a given prize. In this way participants are very much motivated to work and win thus creating a better outcome or result of work.

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