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Email Marketing 101

Email marketing is an effective method of promoting small to medium-sized businesses. This is something that almost all small and medium-sized owners know. In fact, they are taking advantage of this knowledge to improve customer awareness of their brand. Even if a business uses the traditional means for promoting a new product, it cannot guarantee that the desired number of customers can receive the information. This is where email marketing comes in.

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With email marketing, a business owner can target the right people in order to get the assurance that these people have a chance to know any new product or service. Besides, a customer who clicks on a certain website may not be able to go back to that site again for a number of reasons. Because of this, a business will have difficulty holding on to that customer. This won’t happen if the business has a mailing list of the potential customers and even those customers have previously expressed interest in the business. The emails or newsletters that business owners provide serve as the direct link of the business to its customers. This way the customers are kept abreast of the goings-on of the business.

Here are pointers for using email marketing so that it creates a positive impact on the business.

  • Emails should be sent only to customers who opt-in

This is the first rule that all business owners should remember. Only the people who have expressed an interest in the product should be sent the promotional information. This is quite obvious. When a business owner sends emails to individuals who did not sign up for the email distribution list, that business owner stands the chance of being reported as spam. On the other hand, when the business owner sticks to the people who are actually interested in the product, he gets better chances of making a sale as those people do consider the product as something worthwhile.

  • Pick the right platform
  • There are many email marketing platforms for sending emails to customers on the internet. The key is to find the best platform that can provide business owners with the best service. What does the best service entail? Simple! The best service pays attention to the flexibility of the design of the platform, the scheduling of the email marketing campaign, the timeliness of the reporting tools, and the list management of the customer base.
  • Employ an reliable internet marketing company to manage the email marketing









Because email marketing can take time, business owners can employ another company to manage it for them. This internet marketing company can setup your account with the platform provider. The company is also in charge of importing email contacts and preparing the newsletter so that it goes with the overall theme of the brand. Of course, this can cost some money. But then again, if the email marketing campaign kicks off with a good start, you can definitely forget that you paid a minimal amount just to get it up and running.

In short, every small to medium-sized business owner should consider email marketing as a means to promote the business.

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