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Press Release or Online Media Release?

The digital age makes information easy to share from any part of the globe to another. Because of this, many people are asking whether printed press releases are slowly being edged out by online media releases. So, what is the answer to this? Should writers do away with printed press releases and simply embrace online media releases? Or should they use both? This article will discuss this topic in order to give business owners insights into the right thing to do that will benefit their businesses.

Printed Press Release

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It cannot be denied that although the internet is very popular, magazines and local newspapers are still popular, too. This means that people still get their news in printed form. The press releases that appear in these media are examples of items that people read. There are many professional journals, trade magazines and local tabloids that carry press releases from small companies. Besides, because these printed media are read by the targeted individuals, the chances are high for the company to get customers from the press release.

Additionally, many of the older generations still prefer to get news from the traditional methods they have been used to. Thus, printed press releases are here to stay. Plus, there are also younger people who like getting their news via the traditional means. Not everybody is keen in transforming their lifestyles to conform to the digital age.

Online Media Release








Online media releases are press releases that don’t appear in print. This means that the releases can be obtained only when a person has internet connection. There are actually a number of sites that offer services for posting media releases. Examples of these sites are PRWeb, PR Newswire, eReleases, and BusinessWire to name a few. Business owners just have to remember that fees may apply.

There are also free sites where businesses can post media releases. However, due to the number, it might be difficult for a business owner to find the most reliable one in the field. Plus, there are also sites that are not honest in providing information regarding their media contacts. In short, business owners may not get their online media releases to all the right media men.

But even with those risks, online media releases allow Google and the other search engines to pick up the news item quickly. This means that a business can get better coverage for his business as there are other online companies that link to a media release or run it word for word. What this means is the business can have wider exposure online.

The bottom line

Not one method of disseminating information rules over the other. In short, printed press releases and online media releases have their advantages. This implies that business owners have to cover all areas and use both printed and online press releases for marketing purposes. Print and online releases should complement, not compete, with each other. These two means can give better results than when just one is used.

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