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The Basics of Content Curation

The Internet is the place to get information. In fact in the modern world, the amount of information found online is staggering. The information keeps growing day by day as more content gets added and new websites get created. Surely, the information found online is a lot more than it was just several months ago. This can be a good thing because we can get our hands on the information we need pretty quickly. On the other hand, it can prove to be inconvenient, as we have to wade in all the search results in order to find the most reliable bits of information.






This is the beauty of content curation. What is it, exactly? Basically, content curation refers to the process of gathering information and providing summaries of all the information gather. A reliable individual or company does this. That person or group provides regular updates together with links so that Internet searchers can find their way to the most relevant and reliable materials about the subject they want. Of course this means that a good curator should be found. That person can be relied on to provide trusted information so that users can save time sifting through all the information found online.

How does content curation work? The first thing that a curator does is determining which niche to focus on. The curator can employ the help of Google Reader for the collection of the RSS feeds belonging to the most popular bloggers who write about the topic. It is also possible for the curator to use Netvibes in order to collect the names of websites and RSSs feeds that center on a single topic.

The second step that the curator takes is to decide where to post the content gathered from the other reliable sources. The curator has three options: to post the content to his or her site, create a new blog for the content, or add the content to a curation service. If the curator wants to take the first or second option, he or she can use any of the software choices to do the task. Two of these are PageOne Curator and CurationSoft. These pieces of software are not free so curators have to be prepared for that. If it is the third option that the curator wants, the product he must try any curation service. Such a service allows curators to generate curated content and have people subscribe to it through email. Examples of these curation services are and Xydo.

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Now, how does curation of content impact the business of a business owner? This is easy to explain. Any business owner who can provide customers, potential or otherwise, with clear and easy to understand content has more chances of having his business patronized by those people. Providing quick and easy answers to people’s questions can make businesses more appealing to the Internet users.

To cut a long story short, content curation can make businesses look attractive to potential customers as the gathered content prevents information overload and cuts the time it takes them to search for the information they need.

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