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Content Curation: Bad or Not?

Content curation is one of the many practices that online moneymakers use in order to generate profit. The problem with content curation is, to some people, it is considered unethical and is actually thought to be in line with stealing content from other sources. Many internet experts discourage this practice, claiming that this is tantamount to stealing and this is like borrowing the work of others to better your own.

Technically speaking, curation means to collect and present ideas in an organized and a more understandable manner. When talking about content curation, many people may give you varying definitions. This is mainly due to the term being tossed around loosely that it has somehow lost its appropriate meaning. In the online publishing field, content curation means to minimize the noise in a certain niche and collecting related content and gathering them into one source for the convenience of an audience.









What is actually done in content curation is, you take bits of contents on a specific niche and put them onto one site. Of course, this alone can be considered stealing, so it is imperative that links to the source of the bits of information be added along with them, so that readers can head on to the source to read the full article. This is how proper content curation is done. Some however don’t link the parts they took from other content to the original source, thus making the act in line with copying content from others.

Content curation is beneficial for readers or followers of a certain niche. Through good curation, readers can access the latest and most essential information on a certain niche, without them having to scour through countless content all over the web, which could be very tiring and time consuming. Through proper content curation, readers can access all the latest and most important news on a certain niche all in one place. If they wish to, they can head on to the original source in order to read the full article.

Content creators also benefit from proper content curation as well. This is because every time content from their site is curated and is linked back to them, they gain new links and new readers. This could potentially increase their readership, especially if they have high quality content. In a way, content curation may be a means of indirect advertising for content creators.









If you are a good content creator, search engines will appreciate your work immensely. This is because you, in a way, make their jobs easier. To sum things up, content curation, when done properly, benefits everyone, so as long as it is done properly, there is practically nothing wrong with content curation.

When you are into content curation, it would be a good practice to always add in your own original input to the content you snip and curate. It needn’t be long, just a few words would suffice to expound on the piece of information you snip out. For you to be a good curator, never ever forget one of the most basic rules for curating – always link back to the sources of the information you snip out, or else you’ll be stealing instead of curating.

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