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Guest Posting is Okay…-ish

Content creation is one of the most common means of earning money online. For this reason, people have created their own blogs, putting into it content on various topics. However, not everyone has had success in blogging, and most of them end up stopping after a few months of unrewarded efforts. There are certain things you need to know about if you wish to run a successful and fruitful blog.

One of the things you can do to make your blog a better one is to accept guest posts. Even official and reputable blogs make use of such a technique. You not only get additional content for your blog, you also get them without having to actually work on them. You don’t have to produce content yourself; you only have to put them up on your blog, which could translate to additional readership and followers for you. However, there are downsides to accepting guest posts. Due to the quality of a lot of guest posted content and those from specific authors, accepting guest posts could start becoming a no-no in the blogging world. This is because of the mediocre content and spamming of a lot of authors; not to mention the use of duplicated and unoriginal content.








If you’re a blog owner, you don’t really have to say no to guest posting entirely. This only means you have to be completely aware of the posts you accept and you should be vigilant of which authors you accept your content from. While accepting guest posts is a way for generating traffic for your blog, this shouldn’t be the reason why you accept guest posts. Instead, try to accept guest posts for the reason that you want to improve the quality of your blog and its contents, for a better experience for your readers and followers.

One thing you should do if you‘re accepting guest posts is to filter the posts you accept. You can filter posts based on a certain criteria to make it an unbiased process for all the authors who wish to post on your blog. One thing you should look out for is spam. If the author who is trying to sell his/her posts to you has a history of producing spam-filled content, then you will likely know of it by doing a search on their name. Never allow spam-filled content from invading your blog. You should also make sure that the links from authors won’t lead to spam-filled websites or the like. Also, make sure you only accept high-quality content. Never accept mediocre or poorly-researched content. Remember that this is your blog they’re posting on. Make sure you don’t accept any duplicated content, and if you find that a certain author who often wishes to post on your blog gives you duplicate content, avoid accepting any posts from him/her in the future. Always take care of your blog’s reputation and quality. For your blog to gain a good following, it is wise to stick to a certain niche rather than making it a random one. For this reason, if you’re accepting guest posts, make sure that you only accept those that fit into your blog’s theme.

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Though you are accepting guest posts, remember that your blog is still under your sole ownership. Therefore, never hesitate to turn down any author who would like to have author’s access to your blog. This is so that you’d have complete control on the posts you’d allow on your blog. Also, make sure that any content you post on your blog is yours. In other words, no matter who wrote it, make sure that you and the author have an agreement that ownership of the article is transferred to you once the article is posted on your blog. Lastly, never be lazy. Don’t depend on guest posts to fill up your blog. Your blog still should have more of your own content than others’.

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