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Search Engine Optimization: What You Must Not Do

The internet is one of the greatest inventions for man. Its availability to man has made certain tasks a lot easier to do. People today can simply sit in front of the computers, type away on their keyboards, and they can have access to a lot of things that they might need. People can learn the meaning, synonyms, or antonyms of words even if they didn’t have any dictionaries within their reach, simply by using the internet. People get access to a lot of things through the internet, from recipes, movie listings, local and international news, to what the weather for the next few days might be. With all the content you can find on the internet, whether they be on websites, blogs, or social networking accounts, you could sometimes find yourself wondering; who puts all these contents on the internet?










Sometimes you may notice that some blogs or websites have articles on a certain niche that are similar in content. However, you might notice that the sources, although they have contents that are of the same thought, can be found on different pages when you make a search on the search engine of your choice. The reason behind this is because some articles have been optimized for search engines. This is known as Search Engine Optimization, and a lot of people do this these days, most of them bloggers. This is one of the more popular means of making money through the internet, and there are more than one way to optimize content for search engines.

Before, search engine optimization can be done by simply stuffing your article with a lot of keywords or key phrases, or those which people are most likely to input when they do a Google search. If a blogger knows what words or phrases people would normally use to search for stuff about a certain niche, that blogger can easily use those words and phrases repeatedly throughout his/her articles so that the article could land on the top of the list. As soon as he/she is successful with this, his blog or website gets a lot of visits, which translates to his site or blog generating a lot of money. However, Google, the biggest name in the search engine industry, has deemed this cheating, and has therefore been penalizing people who still practice this. This is a great move on their part in order to make sure that only useful, informative content make their way on top of search lists.










Another thing that Google has done to make search results better is the filtering out of duplicate content. In the past, people could get away with publishing content that could be found in other websites or blogs. Some just did edited published articles slightly and then republished them as their own. Today, anyone found publishing duplicated content are penalized and could even have their blogs suspended, and since blogging is a way for most bloggers to earn money, this isn’t something they could allow to happen to them.

Still, there are ways with which you can produce SEO articles that won’t get you penalized by Google. By creating original content with more focus on the contents rather than just the keywords, you can still get your articles on top of search lists.

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