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The Ups and Downs of Social Networks

Today, thanks to social networks and sites that provide this type of service, connecting with people has become an easier task. With social networks, it has become simpler to connect to friends from the past, schoolmates, classmates, or relatives who have moved away and aren’t very easy to reach geographically. Through social networking, people can now reconnect with past friends, as well as meet and greet new ones.

Kids and teens these days aren’t new to social networks. In fact, a lot of them use various social network sites to connect with schoolmates and best friends when they’re not in school, or even when they are. Kids and teens get the latest updates on stuff that, to them, matter via social networks. In a sense, this is how social networks work for adults and older people too. They can reconnect with people they were once close with, meet new people for different reasons, and get the latest updates on news and other topics that they are concerned with or are interested in.

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One of the great advantages of being connected to the rest of the world via social networks is that it has become easier to get the latest news and current events as they can get these all in one place. However, these aren’t the only functions or uses of social networks.

Through social networking sites, people can now do business virtually with everybody who is connected to the internet. Of course, this is just an ideal situation, and there are certain factors that will prevent people from reaching everyone on the web. Still the idea of being able to do business even with those you can only get in touch with virtually and not physically is enough to entice anyone who wants to do business. Thanks to social networks, people can now sell goods without necessarily having to put up a kiosk or a store in order for them to display their goods; they simply have to have social networking accounts and pictures of the things they wish to sell.

However, social networking isn’t all positive. Like everything else in the world, social networks have been used as an avenue for the malicious-minded to steal and commit fraudulent and deceitful acts, and have been one of the preferred avenues for bullying.

Identity thefts and other kinds of thievery have become rampant along with the increase of people’s use of social networks. It has become easier for malicious individuals to pull out personal information on an individual they see as a target through their social networking accounts. For the unsuspecting, this could be a huge blow and become a major game-changer in the way they see life online. Many have fallen victims to such acts due to the lack of security applied to their social network accounts.










Similarly, kids and teens these days have continuously been bullied and trolled online. Due to social networks being personal accounts, bullies can easily do as they please without proper supervision from adults. This results in lowered self-esteem for the bullied parties, as well as damage emotionally and mentally, which could lead to more serious problems in the future. This could also cause the bullied parties to distance themselves from others, thus making their social lives unhealthy.

There are countless uses for social networks, and not all of them are good. It is therefore important for people to take necessary steps to make sure that they and their loved ones are protected from cyber-attacks as they continuously make use of the benefits brought about by social networks.

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