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Social networks have become a part of the lives of majority of the world’s population. It has become the virtual bridge network that connects people from anywhere around the world to those they can’t physically be with. It goes without saying that there are tons of uses for social networks though, and one such use is money making.

Before, the means by which moneymaking can be done through SEO and social networks were limited to simply getting new links inbound. However, with the changes Google have made recently in their ranking scheme, websites are expected to earn substantially more, depending on how they integrate it with social networks.









There are five areas which you need to master if you wish to see an increase in what your website earns. These five areas are those which are used by Google as signals in their new ranking scheme, namely posts, comments, shares, bookmarks, and votes.

Obviously, you should put more effort on your posts. This particular area isn’t so much about the volume of posts you create. Rather, it’s how optimized and how good your contents’ quality are. If you put more effort into how much keywords you wisely use in your content, as well as how well you research in order to make your articles worth reading, then you should expect to gain an increase in how much you make through your website. Making high-quality and optimized content also gets your site mentioned on social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, or other social networking sites more often. With Google’s new ranking scheme, the more you’re popular o social networking sites, the higher your ranking could get. In simpler terms, the more content you make that are of high quality and of interest to a lot of people, you can boost your rankings. Additionally, the more your site gets promoted or mentioned through social networks, the higher your ranking could get.










Another thing that could get your site higher rankings is the comments. You really can’t control how good or relevant comments will be with respect to your post, and thankfully that doesn’t matter. As long as you amass a huge number of comments, you get higher rankings. This is directly related to the quality of your posts. By making relevant, high-quality posts on your site, you get more comments, and with the help of social media integration for websites, you can instantly get better rankings.

Things like votes, bookmarks, and shares also boost your site’s rankings. Similar to Facebook likes, each social network has their own type of voting system. They are also bound to have share functionalities, as well as something like a bookmarking functionality. The more you get likes, votes, shares, or bookmarks, the more you’ll gain rankings. Of course, what other way to gain more votes, shares, and bookmarks besides producing quality and relevant content? If you post mediocre content, chances are, readers will stay away from anything you produce, or at least they’ll be skeptical about their quality, which could push your posts lower down their “trusted” list. However, if you give your readers a constant stream of quality content that would be of use to them, then they will like your posts more or vote for them often; they will share and promote your posts that they think would be of use to others that they know. By producing quality content, you increase likes or votes, shares, and bookmarks, which in turn increases your ranking, which in turn, increases your profit from your website/s.









Bottom line is, if you wish to use social networks to your advantage when it comes to SEO and money-making through site rankings, you’d have to produce quality, relevant content that is keyword-rich and well-optimized for SEO. Your content or posts is the biggest thing you should work on, if you wish to use social networks to get better SEO rankings.

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