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Things you should not do in SEO

SEO is one of the many ways you can use the internet for profit-making. Using blogs or websites, you can try to generate as much traffic as you can, by any means you know of, to gain better rankings on search engine listings. Of course, you need to optimize your blogs and websites in order for them to be ranked highly when people search for stuff on search engines such as Google. Now this is different from when you shell out cash in order to be placed on top of search lists for your particular niche; with SEO you make use of various methods of generating traffic and increasing rankings in organic search lists, or those that are free.







Of course, one of the more important things for you to do is to produce and post content that are optimized for SEO. You can use keywords and key phrases, you can use the latest buzz topics on the internet, and you can use socialization skills to bring your websites and blogs up the search rankings.

However, there are things you shouldn’t be doing if you wish to get higher up on SEO rankings. Here are some of them.

The first and probably most important thing you need to keep in mind is who you’re writing content for. Never produce content for the sake of SEO. Instead, keep in mind that it’s your readers you should be thinking about whenever creating content. This speaks more about your content’s quality. Make sure that you create quality content that is engaging and is usable for readers who are looking into your particular niche. Some people still try stuffing their articles senselessly with keywords and key phrases, and the results are low quality articles that are in no way usable by readers. Keep in mind that if you please your audience with the quality of your content, you won’t have to cheat your way through SEO ranks.










Another thing you should avoid doing is desperately trying to gain backlinks. Many people purchase links, and some spam links in different forums. These aren’t the way to go. Instead, focus on building backlinks manually and working hard for them. Part of the reason you should do this is to avoid being associated with spamming or unauthorized or blacklisted sites. The process of manually building links can be painfully time-consuming, but the rewards are well worth the pain of waiting.

It also pays to put effort on making your website look user-friendly and less bloated. Search engines include in their ranking scheme the looks and designs of websites and pages. If your site seems to take too long to load and feels bloated, or if it seems non user-friendly, search engines won’t recommend your site or page to readers. It also helps to have a relatively lightweight website or blog as this helps you become recommendable for mobile searches. Mobile search has grown exponentially in recent years, and it would be good if you are able to ride that wave.

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The “rules” around SEO change from time to time, and it would be good for you to stay updated on changes. While it is important to know what new things you can do in order to stay in the SEO game, it is equally important to know what you must avoid doing in order to avoid getting kicked out of the game, or at least get sidelined. SEO is a very great way of making profit, but it is important to stick with the rules in order for your websites and blogs to be profitable.

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